My Hair Journey Thus Far

I started my ‘natural hair journey’ a little more than a year ago. Before deciding to make this change I would texturize my hair about every 4-5 months. Then, in a fit of rage one day … I decided to chop it off and ended up with this …

hair cut 1
btw .. don’t worry that isn’t a bald spot, I dyed my hair before I chopped it off. lol

You’re probably wondering what made me cut my hair. Well this was my hair before

before hair cut

I always want to cut my hair but (like many other things in my life) I was afraid to branch out and be myself. So to compensate, I wore clip-ins, texturized and very rarely wore my hair in it’s natural curly state. I was afraid of what others would think, how I’d look and many other things that now I know are minimal. So I thought that I’d start small. I stopped texturizing my hair and loved the results but I was terrified to do the big chop. So I went to a person recommended by my aunt so that she could give me a classic bob to rid myself of those horrendous split ends. Needless to say, she did a terrible job. I waited until my mother got home from work and I cried to hair and told her that I was positive that chopping my hair was the next big step.

And I loved it. It felt invigorating and beautiful. It was at that moment that I realized that my hair was kind of like a wall that I had been hiding behind. Without hair there’s not much to hide behind, now is there? It’s sort of like “this is me, take it or leave it”. I loved it .. for a while. Then I got bored. Go figure right? So this happened:

hair cut 2

 I dyed it a honey blonde color using this dye called Natural Tones. For people trying to keep the strength in their hair and prevent breakage I would definitely recommend Natural Tones as this dye does not contain ammonia. I would dye my hair every 2 to 3 weeks and my hair NEVER experienced any breakage.

After this, my OTHER aunt told me to try something different yet again. So it resulted in this

cut 3 cut 4

I tried box braids and I instantly fell in love. So over the course of many months I changed back and forth between my short cut and putting braids in my hair.

cut 7cut 5   cut 8

Then I missed long hair so I decided on trying out some weave

weavecut 1 weavecut 2 weavecut 3I’ll be honest though, I wasn’t a big fan of the weave so I got rid of that after 2 weeks. Lol

Since then I have tried many different styles.

othercut2othercut1othercut4othercut3othercut5other6      othercut6 othercut7 othercut8 othercut9 othercut11 othercut12

btw; the dark hair is indigo mixed with blackblue 🙂
I also had aquamarine colored hair but I cant find a picture of it. I suppose I’ll add that later.

anyways after many trials and tribulations, I’ve come to appreciate my short hair and have done a few experiments and currently I am here


I haven’t decided if I’m going to start the process of growing back my hair but I know that I am happy where I am now. It may seem minimal but the process to self love was heightened by my hair journey. Starting from such a vulnerable state has definitely helped shape who I really am.

With that being said parts of this blog will be dedicated to just that.
Stay tuned guys.

2 responses to “My Hair Journey Thus Far”

  1. I love it! You’re awesome.


    1. Thank you. I appreciate it more than you will ever know 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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