Why Sorry Doesn’t Mean Anything

Oh, how people love the word sorry.

“Sorry, I was running late”

“Sorry, I bumped into you”

“Sorry, I hurt you”

I’m over the word ‘sorry’ and have been for a very long time.

What is the meaning of sorry? Well, according to Websters Dictionary it means “to feel sorrow or regret”. Yet, I find that people very seldom use the word in that context.

You say “Sorry, I was running late” but what you really mean is “Shit, I’m late .. and I know you’ll be upset so here’s a sorry before you get worked up about it.” And it works. Until you’re late again. So you say sorry again. Wait, opps! You missed the train .. well whatya know .. that’s another late appearance. And the cycle continues. This is why sorry doesn’t mean anything.

People don’t say sorry because they feel sorrow or regret, (most times) they say sorry to stop the impending anger/sadness of others. “Sorry, I bumped into you” just means “Listen, It was an accident, It’s New York City, RELAX!” And we’re just accustomed to taking that and running with it. This is why sorry doesn’t mean anything.

If you were truly sorry, you wouldn’t continue to indulge in behaviors that result in you using the word sorry. “Sorry, I hurt you.” Yea, maybe the first time. After that I call BS – you aren’t sorry that you hurt anyone, you’re sorry that you’ve been called out about it.

“Sorry”? No, you can’t be. See, you knew the consequences of your actions. You just thought that sorry would fix the repercussions that your actions had. You knew how your actions would affect not only yourself but also the person you’re hurting/bumping in to/running late with (and many other countless examples), yet you still chose to put yourself in that predicament. That’s why sorry doesn’t mean anything.

The fact that you chose to do what you did shows that you don’t care. So yes, I do not believe that you’re sorry. Because if you were truly sorry, you wouldn’t have done it in the first place. .

And that’s why sorry doesn’t mean anything.


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