When Hair Boredom Strikes

Welp, well hair boredom strikes you I walk into my bathroom and start searching for something to do. I found a bunch of old colors (some of which I never used), picked a few, mixed them around and started on a journey!

So this was before.

I decided not to bleach my hair before doing this because I don’t plan on keeping this hairstyle for too long so damaging my hair even more for an extremely temporarily hairstyle would be a little ridiculous (in my opinion).IMG_1920Anywho,

I walked into the bathroom and went to work.


So I ended up mixing aquamarine, ginger, raspberry twist and hot pink together. Btw: these are all colors by the brand ADORE. I always see these colors at beauty supply stores and they are relatively cheap and these colors are semi-permanent. Basically that means that eventually they start to wash out and I can use a color remover to get these colors out as well.IMG_1898

At first I wasn’t liking that so much of the ginger color (which is pretty much a darker blonde) showed through since I was using that color as more of a lighter for the raspberry twist and hot pink colors.IMG_1899 IMG_1903 IMG_1904see ew. lol

So I ended up adding a bit more of the hot pink and aquamarine color to those bits that I thought were too light.

IMG_1906 IMG_1908IMG_1907

(I’m not sure if you see the difference in these pictures but I promise there was a huge difference)

Also, this is what the back looked like.


After leaving this in for about 15 minutes (because I didn’t want it to be super pigmented); I took a shower, washed and deep conditioned my hair and towel dried.

  IMG_1912 IMG_1913IMG_1911
(excuse my undone eyebrows)

To further condition and treat my hair I used Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie which is definitely one of my holy grail hair products.

I tried to record how my hair looked … and slightly failed (lol)

then my friend came and took a picture of the back of my hair for me


So yay 🙂 ❤IMG_1922

This is pretty much the result of my hair. I love it but like I said I won’t be leaving this in for too long because I have something planned for this bad boy sometime next week but when boredom strikes, I have to oblige. ❤

xoxo Cielo .

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