Nikon D3200 Bundle Deal

I’ve ALWAYS had an interest/secret passion in/for photography. I guess anything dealing with the arts is inspiring and beautiful to me. The one problem with my secret passion was the expense. Cameras (especially a good quality one) are so damn expensive. But when my aunt said that she would get one for me as my graduation/birthday/Christmas present (lol), I looked high and low for a sensible beginners camera. That’s when I came across this baby. The Nikon D3200. It wasn’t hard choosing between the Canon and Nikon because I’ve had a regular Nikon digital camera before so this was what I was comfortable with. I watched it for months and months until this past Sunday, my aunt FINALLY came over and purchased this baby.

There was one mishap, when she went to pick it up yesterday they gave her the wrong order at the store but thankfully today we fixed that and I got my baby -which I absolutely adore by the way.

IMG_1988 IMG_1989

This is how everything looked once I unpack-aged it.


FullSizeRender(6) FullSizeRender(7)


The best part of this package deal was that it came with 2 different lenses, which is GREAT because lenses can be pricey. It basically came with all the necessities that usually would be omitted. The only thing that I had to purchase separately was the SD Card and a tripod.

IMG_2004All in all, I’m so excited to start taking pictures and exploring New York (again) through these lenses. Let the journey begin!

Btw: guys if you want to look at the bundle deal click HERE

and I also ordered a tripod and you can find that HERE

and if you were wondering about payments, if you have a paypal account you can pay in installments !

xoxo Cielo.

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