T-Shirts = New Shirts

The best part of D.I.Y’s are that you get to choose what projects you want to or don’t want to do. You can decide to follow the instructions or you can mess around and do things your way!

So, I thought with my first D.I.Y post I would bring you guys something that is fun but can be re-created in your own way. I definitely took some inspiration from Youtube guru Andrea’s Choice because I found that she always has fun and easily re-creatable D.I.Y tasks. One thing that I’m ALWAYS doing especially around this time of year is making use of some of my old t-shirts. I’m always cutting, designing and trying out new things and youtube has definitely helped me focus my creativity on one task at a time.

With that being said, I wanted to share with you guys 2 shirts that I created this past Sunday and hopefully you guys like it and decide to try it out !

First I had to make sure that I put down newspaper/old towels and T-shirts so I wouldn’t mess up the floor (or my mother would kill me)









Then I got all my tools. So for this I used fabric spray paint from Michaels, scissors, a sponge, water and 2 T-shirts from Michaels.
However, you can totally use your old T-shirts or any cheap T-shirts from thrift stores or from stores like Telco .. I mean you are going to destroy them anyways so it makes no sense buying expensive shirts.



IMG_2204Then I measured out how I wanted the shirt to look. For this one I decided to go with a fringe top because the neon color is extremely bright and I thought that this would be perfect to wear to a music festival during the summer. Fringe + Neon = ❤ Lol

IMG_2205 IMG_2206

Once I measured everything out, I decided how I wanted the fringe to look. I opted on making this a little less crop and a bit more loose. I made the appropriate cuts and then cut up to make the fringes.

SIDE NOTE: I have realized that when you pull on the sleeves or any cut you make, it makes the cuts look much neater because lets face it .. scissors and me aren’t friends, I seriously lack motor skills.

After doing this, I knew that I wanted to add color. But I also knew I wanted the color to spread and do a bit more than just add on as spray. So I took a sponge and dabbed water on most of the shirt. This makes it easier for the paint to travel through the fabric and have the color look more vibrant but relaxed (to me at least).


This is how it turned out. I mean, I literally just added color wherever I felt like and this is what happened.

IMG_2211 IMG_2212 IMG_2213

This is how it looked once it was dry:


I think the color is a bit off in the pics above only because of the angle at which I took the picture (it looks very dull). I think the picture below does it more justice.


I’m super excited about wearing this once it gets hot, especially with some cut off denim jeans and combat boots or platform shoes.

The next shirt I did, I really wanted to do another fringe but I decided against it. After searching around youtube, I decided to do a design called the ladder to the back of the shirt.

Once again, I measured out how I wanted to cut the shirt. And for the back I just folded the shirt in half and cut slits to the back of it. I pulled on the slits so that it would look like rigid and more free flowing as I did with the previous shirt.

IMG_2214 IMG_2215 IMG_2216(1)

After doing that I still wasn’t happy with how it looked so I pulled on each string again.IMG_2217

Then I did this design. It looks difficult but by watching THIS, it is very easy to accomplish.


After doing that I focused on wetting the back area most because that is where I wanted the color to appear the most.


I focused the blue color on the back and also sprayed some on the front along with some orange, green and pink. After that, I let it try and the result was this.


IMG_2221  FullSizeRender(10)  IMG_2233 IMG_2234

I’m excited about this shirt as well because I rarely do different designs.

However, I love D.I.Y fashion pieces and I definitely plan to incorporate more of it into my blog. So hopefully this post encourages you guys to start some D.I.Y projects that you may have saved up (especially one as inexpensive as this) !


So with that being said … which shirt is your favorite?

xoxo Cielo.


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