The Body Shop Haul & Review

For the past few months I knew that I wanted to try out some new face products but nothing really stuck out or caught my attention; especially because I am trying my hardest to stick to the natural, organic root when it comes to my life (in general). This was until I watched Joey Maria’s Youtube Video about her experience at The Body Shop. I was really interested in some of the products she mentioned and the positive attitude she had about her experience at the store but I’m too lazy to head to the store, so I decided to check out the online site. Let’s just say that I’m extremely happy that I was being lazy this time because I caught hold of the website during the week that they were have a 60% off sale. #BrokeCollegeStudentLife

Literally, I went a little crazy.

DSC_0357 DSC_0360
Sidenote: The packaging was so adorable and the items came so quickly (within less than a week!)

Anyways here are some of the things that I got and my thoughts on each.


Product Name: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
Use: Using a cotton ball or pad this toner removes excess oils, dirt and is meant give you face a refreshed feeling. Also suitable for blemished skin and keeps skin looking clear and matte.
Do you like it: Absolutely
Why?: It does what it’s intended to do. It feels amazing on the skin and it isn’t harsh at all. And the smell? Omg, it smells like HEAVEN. Seriously. Since using this product, I definitely have noticed a change in my skin. With a combination of my other face products, my breakouts have been less frequent. Just get it .. honestly.


Product Name: Tea Tree Face Mask
Use: Apply to your face for 10 to 15 minutes and it instantly cools and lifts away impurities. Also leaves a mint feeling on your face.
Do you like it: YES
Why?: Omg, this is great. I think the best part is the minty feeling that it leaves after it is washed off. Probably my favorite product out of the bunch.


Product Name: Almond Body Butter
Use: For normal to dry skin, apply everyday.
Do you like it: Yes
Why?: The smell. The feel. Especially after just taking a shower. I honestly don’t think anyone can really go wrong with almond body butter. However, one thing that I will say is that for the price, the packaging is very small.


Product Name: Aloe Soothing Night Cream
Use: Minimize pores, relaxes faces while rejuvenating for your morning skin care routine.
Do you like it: Indeed.
Why?: I like this product because after my night time routine which includes wiping off my makeup, washing my face with either my cetaphil or panoxyl face wash and (now) cleansing my face with my tea tree toner … it is nice to have something that just soothes my face. It is so calming and goes on so smoothly unlike many other night time creams. While the packaging is a bit small for the price .. there is plenty of product and to be honest this product distributes so evenly and graciously that you don’t need that much product each night anyways.

Product Name: Vanilla Brulee Body Polish
Use: This is a rinse off body exfoliator but it can not be used on your face.
Do you like it: Uhmmm …
Why Uhmmm … ?: Well, maybe this is my fault for not reading the ‘fine print’ but I thought it was body wash with exfoliator beads. Anyways I decided to give this a try but when I read the directions there wasn’t much to go on. So do I hop in the shower, put this on, rinse it off and then proceed to soap up etc. .. or do I soap up, rinse off, use this product, then rinse off again? The only clear instruction was that I shouldn’t use it on my face. The one positive thing I will say is that is smelllssssssssss sooooooooooooooooooo gooooddddddddddd ❤ and it did feel nice on my body (although I’m not sure if I used it right).


Product Name: Brazilian Nut Beautifying Oil
Use: This is a ‘dry’ oil that can be used on dry/damp body, face, hair (only dry hair though .. not damp). This product is suppose to moisturize, sooth and illuminate like your entire life lol.
Do you like it: Yupp
Why?: It does what it’s meant to do. And once again .. I can’t forget to mention how incredible this product smells. Being that I have a few products for my face .. I use this on my body at night and in my hair in the morning. This is some good stuff. It also is a lot of product for a decent price. I would definitely re-purchase this.


Product Name: Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
Use: You’re suppose to apply this to your face and massage it into you skin. This way all of the excess dirt and makeup can be removed. Then your rinse off with warm water,
Do you like it: Omg Yes
Why?: Well, first things first .. along with the 60% off sale, I got one item for free (HELLO CLEANSING BUTTER 🙂 ) and a free sample. I’m glad I chose this as the free item because it actually works. There are many make up removers that are so expensive that just have no use at all and I don’t know about you all but the ‘classic’ baby oil thing doesn’t work for me either. But this .. this is some good stuff and you don’t need a lot of it to get the job done. On top of that it leaves your face feeling so smooth once you rinse it off. Usually, I apply this to my face (at night), leave it for about 5 minutes then hop in the shower and rinse my face then cleanse with either my cetaphil or panoxyl face wash. Let’s just say this is apart of my re-buy.


This is the free sample I received but I haven’t used it sooooo lol I’m just going to leave a picture here.

In all, I’m very happy with my purchases made at the body shop and if they have another 60% off sale .. lol I’ll be there ❤

Are the still having a 60% off sale?: I don’t know but I would suggest hitting up RETAILMENOT to look for some promos and coupons for not only TheBodyShop but also any store where you frequently shop.

What’s your favorite product you bought: The Tea Tree Face Mask. I’m honestly just obsessed with the minty feeling that products leave on your face and/or skin.

Rating of the products you got: All in all .. 8.5/10 .. the Vanilla Brulee definitely made the score go down. Lol

Once again, a huge thanks to Joey for putting up that youtube video .. it helped so much. Check out her channel for more beauty tips and make up tutorials and visit the body shop here.

xoxo Cielo.

2 responses to “The Body Shop Haul & Review”

  1. I love the tea tree products, they work so well!! Good post sky!


    1. Thanks girl ! I appreciate it ! ❤


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