Update: Graduation, The Party, Memorial Weekend & Why My Camera Sucks !

Where to start?

Well, graduation was May 19th. Graduation was … words can’t really describe the feeling that I got while walking across that stage to receive the fake diploma that they had out to everyone during commencement, lol. Nevertheless, it was NOTHING short of amazing. It was one of those few times that I saw EVERYONE at my college come together in celebration .. whether we all talked during our years together or not. We all took pictures, shared laughs and memories and moaned together as the sun beamed down on us and were waiting for the ceremony to be OVER (well because it was HOT! and our graduation was outside). Funny enough, the memory of actually walking across the stage is nearly gone. What I can remember however, is how I felt during those moments leading up to having my name called to walk across the stage. It may sound as if it came straight of a movie but honestly, my time at St. Francis flashed right before my eyes. I thought about all the times I felt like quitting, stopping and slowing down. I thought about the friends I lost, the relationships I gained, the SFC family I have grown to love. I thought about how much I complained about St. Francis (and while I still HATE financial aid) but I couldn’t imagine the person I would be if I didn’t go there. I thought about all the people that fought for me and helped me during that time of discouragement and how happy and horribly terrified I was that this was finally my time .. and then … they called my name. grad4grad And just like that, I graduated. Although, I won’t technically be a graduate until July, lol. Thankfully, I was able to walk and was given the opportunity to finish up the 2 classes I need during the summer to make up for the elective credits that I was missing. And well, for that I am grateful ! .IMG_4125 grad11grad10grad6    grad 2grad 5grad7   grad8grad 3

To celebrate my graduation, I decided to throw a non-party party .. just to kick off summer and congratulate everyone that has done something successful thus far. There was good food, great dj’s and even better drinks ! I didn’t get to capture a lot from that night, but here’s a few flicks I did manage to snap. IMG_4231IMG_4216IMG_4229   IMG_4215IMG_4205

It kind of seemed that graduating from undergrad was the best thing ever because the weekend leading up to memorial day was GREAT. For my party, one of my bestfriends took a road trip down from Boston (along with her cousins) to celebrate my graduation. We ending up going to Coney Island the day before they left and had a great time. IMG_4326IMG_4296IMG_4329 Then on Monday, my bestfriend and fellow blogger Shandy and I (along with our boyfriends) decided that instead of participating in the usual BBQ rampage or ‘turning up’, we would just have our own little picnic by Brooklyn Bridge Park. And, I’m glad we opted to do so. The day was nothing short of amazing and to be honest we didn’t do too much. We hung out, drank wine, played games and ate homemade sandwiches and of course Shandy and I took A LOT of selfies. Here’s a re-cap of our night … IMG_4351IMG_4332IMG_4367 IMG_4345IMG_4357IMG_4428

Last but not least …

Oh dear camera … I had so many pictures on my camera. I mean from MY GRADUATION, from the time my aunt came from Jamaica and we had a huge family day, from pictures of my baby brother, to D.I.Y cap decorations 10408836_10202941647061298_2082470820595928911_n that I wanted to share with the viewers of my blog, to my new hair style that I also wanted to share with my blog …

and guess what?

They’re all gone. So here’s what happened: I tried to back up my images from my camera onto google drive and for some reason the upload failed (I tried to do this because I don’t have a flash drive .. although I am going to get one NOW). Anyways, the upload failed but for some reason my entire folder full of all of those amazing pictures also deleted from my computer. BOOM. GONE. ZIP. And just like that I lost so many good memories and great pieces of work that I wanted to share with you all.

With that being said, I was kind of down in the dumps for a few days and decided not to post. However, excuses no more .. I am back in action and I think that I will give myself a schedule for posting. That way I still have time to write but I also have time for other important things in my life as well.

It’s all a balancing act and I’m still learning.

Anywho guys, I know this post was lengthy but I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for some more posts!

xoxo Cielo.

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