Positivity Everywhere 2 – Olliver Dubuisson

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Name: Calvin Dubuisson
Age: 22 years old
Name of your clothing line: Olliver Dubuisson

Q:Tell us a little bit about yourself
A: I’m from Brooklyn and I reside in Canarsie. I go to St. Francis College majoring in Communication Arts with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising. At first I mainly attended college because of my parents wishes and not my own but now I solely attend for my own personal gain. I do plan on attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T) after I graduate SFC to learn more about the fashion industry. I am an art lover, fashion junkie, scholar of information that I feel that is worth knowing and seeking enlightenment. I consider myself to be calm, laid back but driven for success. Just getting by isn’t enough, I need to make a name for myself and leave my mark in this world.

Q:Tell us a little bit about what it is that you do
A:Calvin Dubuisson and Akino Ollivierre are the founders/designers of the brand Olliver Dubuisson  (known as O.D for short). My brand is a contemporary urban street wear brand. Combining simplicity and edgy detailing to enhance the common lifestyle. Not everything you wear has to be flashy or loud, most of the time the most simple looking item you wear can help enhance the outfit as a whole. Or just wearing a simple looking piece by itself that has small details so that people really have to look at to understand the quality of the garment. I personally believe fashion is an expression of your persona, a way to express yourself to the world without using a paintbrush but using your body as the canvas and the fabric as the tools to do so.

Q:How did you know that this was something that you wanted to pursue?
A:I realized somewhere in-between my 3rd year in college this is what I wanted to pursue. At first entering college as a Bio major because of my parents’ wishes and then in the beginning of my 3rd year I realize I had no motivation to pursue a career in medicine or anything in the sciences. This caused me to drop all my science classes during the fall semester and not returning back to school in the spring semester. Just working at Target at the time being and talking to my friend Akino, about how I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. Eventually within conversation we realized that we talked about fashion a lot.Not like Jordans or what everyone else usually discusses but we talked about the high end designers and runway shows etc. Talking about how we would love to own a certain piece but refuse to pay that price, mainly because we couldn’t afford it in one paycheck and it hit us that we should start a clothing line that incorporated high-end clothing but not at a high-end price to the point where nobody could afford it but we were just joking at the time. But with every joke there is truth within  it and soon we took our joke seriously and got to work. Wanting to be our boss and show the world our creativity.

Q:Who is one person OR what is one thing that is an inspiration for you?
A:Kanye West is an inspiration to me. People always told him he couldn’t make it as a rapper and he needed to stick to making beats. But he didn’t listen to them and proved them wrong, knowing that limitations can be broken and can only be set by you.

Q:Have you had to overcome any struggles on your path to success? If so, what?
A:Mainly understanding the different fabrications because I’m not a fashion student, well because SFC sucks and doesn’t offer that as a major. But after reading a few books and speaking to some experts I have a better understanding.

Q:What have you learned thus far in terms of your clothing line?
A:Coming up with the idea is the easy part but actually implementing the idea to a physical object takes time and you just need to keep everyones opinion out of your head and just work at your speed.

Q:What is it that you hope to accomplish with your brand?
A:Be well known in the fashion world with designers like Alexander Wang, Yohji Yamamoto, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and many more.

Q:Name one major highlight from your work/accomplishment thus far
A:Recently event coordinators have been personally reaching out to me for me to showcase in their fashion shows giving me a private invitation to attend.

Q:How do you plan to proceed with your business venture in the future?
A:I plan to continue to grow, make more collections for the seasons. I am currently working on the website to make it easier for people to make an order. I am also working on marketing and advertising plans to further extend my brand to the world.

Where can we find you?
Olliver Dubuisson Clothing Website (currently under construction)
OD_nyc’s Instgram
OD_nyc’s Twitter

Before ya go, Check out some of Olliver Dubuisson’s pieces down below !
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