Life Is Not A Race

Nor is it a competition. Honestly, I’m going to keep this post short but I do want to get a message across. Many times in my life, I found myself comparing my success (and lack there of) to the success of others.

“Well, if she can do that then why can’t I?”

“He passed that class and I didn’t … that teacher just hates me.”

“I’m obviously just a failure because if she could do that and I can’t then something is wrong.”

“We both got the job, I have to make sure that they know I am a better worker.”

These are all the detrimental things that I would tell myself.

Let’s just say nothing good came of it either. I was at my worst ; self-doubting, discouraged, cowardly and just a plain ole debbie downer.

And overcoming those self defeating behaviors were just HARD – to put it simply.

The point that I am trying to make is this – No one’s successes and/or non-accomplishments (because I would rather not say failures) has ANYTHING to do with you or vice versa. You are your own person who moves at their own speed. Never forget that.

I had to learn that I am no less of a person just because something didn’t happen the way that I envisioned it too. Or because I believed that someone got the blessing I thought was meant for me. And if you are in this predicament, you need to learn it too. Trust me. As cliche as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. Stop measuring your self-worth and success based on what you think you should have or based on where you think you should be in life at this point. Stop measuring your success and happiness based on what others are doing or based on what they think. LIFE IS NOT A RACE NOR IS IT A COMPETITION so stop acting like it and work at your own pace, doing the things you love and continue to overcome any obstacle that you may face.

I promise good things are sure to follow.

xoxo Cielo.

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