I write too …

For years, I would always write down my thoughts in a variety of journals. I mean anything from personal thoughts, to things happening daily, to poems and short stories. Yet, I was never brave enough to show anyone those writings and even more afraid to voice those thoughts and feelings. Needless to say, I kind of liked that I wasn’t brave enough because that meant that my writing was just for me and at that time that was really the only thing that I had to get me through the days. However, around my freshman/sophomore year of high school, I found an outlet; a sort of gated community where people seemed to understand how I felt without me saying or doing much. So I decided for some time to use tumblr as my way to release my pent up feelings but when it got popular I began to feel constricted yet again … so I stopped posting there and took to reblogging pictures that held no substance. I remember one time after I stopped posting on tumblr, I showed a ‘friend’ of mine a poem I wrote (you know trying that whole courage thing) and her response to me was so lackadaisical that I became even more discouraged and so for more years then I would have liked I retreated back to my shell of journals and returned to writing there. Until I had the courage to make this blog. Except that I haven’t had the courage to post anything that I’ve written. So with that being said, I’m turning over a new leaf … this blog was made for me to be myself 1,000 % and inspire others to do the same so I don’t plan to break that promise to myself. I guess you can call this an epiphany of sorts to myself but either way, stay tuned because I might just have a poem posted very soon.Β 

xoxo Cielo.

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