Positivity Everywhere 5 – The Fluffy Angel

Name: Tenesha Thomas
Nickname: Fluffy
Age: 35
Name of your website: WWW.FLUFFYANGEL.COM

Q: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.
A: To start I’m a mother of 4. A hair stylist. I also love fashion and anything unusual that has to do with fashion.
I love to dance (mostly dancehall) and I lllooove to travel and meet new people .. these are just the basics, can’t give away the good stuff ..lol.

Q: Tell us a little bit about what it is that you do.
A: Well I’m the CEO of WWW.FLUFFYANGEL.COM.  It is a fashion accessories website where women can get unique and affordable accessories for any and all occasions. At my customers request, I also provide a one on one consultation to ensure the order of the perfect accessories for that perfect outfit if it is not available on the website. I’m able to get any style, colour or design my customers need…😊

Q: How did you know that creating an online store was something that you wanted to do?
A: Well, I started off by going to salons and selling to people that knew what business I was trying to get into … until I realized ‘hey I have a computer that I do nothing with really’ …. so I started to do my research on how to build a website.  Getting the name was a real funny story (that I’ll leave for a next time😈) lol … but once I got the website up and the name out there it was a rap … I love shopping, so buying and selling these beauties was all I needed and the benefits are GREAT!

Q: How did you get started with your business? For example, how did you chose which platform you would use to sell your items? How did you know what you wanted to sell?
A: It was pretty easy. Coming from a dancehall background, I look at these ladies and myself.  The outfits they wear, colours and hairstyle it was a no-brainer as to what I needed to provide to my customers .. without leaving out my customers in the day to day world that just want to look fabulous whether they’re going to the supermarket, interview or just taking a walk.

Q: Who or what would you say is your biggest motivator?
A:Wow. One of my biggest motivators would be Rachell Payne. And I’m not sure if I’ve ever told her, but one of my biggest motivators would be Carla Babb of strictly babbzy. .. she has been my #1 supporter since day one. There were times I felt like ‘what’s the point?’,  then I would read her blog and see a big up (big up = shout out for the non West Indian readers) to me and my website WWW.FLUFFYANGEL.COM.

 Q: What about inspiration?
A: My mom, she’s my greatest inspiration. When I need someone to tell me like it is without hesitation, I call on her. She is a hard working woman and fun to be around.

Q: Have you had to overcome any struggles on your path to success? If so, what?
A: Definitely,  it was crazy at the  start.  It’s still crazy now, but I’ve learned how to deal with it. I realized that the struggle is what makes everything work. There would be weeks I would only have 3 or 4 sales, but at the end of it I’m thankful for those 3 or 4 customers.  Now it’s busier but I love what I’m doing.

Q: There are always people that doubt our abilities, that have negative things to say and/or wish for our downfall. In my opinion, sometimes it can be discouraging. So, how do you deal with the negativity that is sometimes being thrown your way? And, does the negativity ever affect your confidence or you ability to promote your store?
A: I’m a firm believer in what you give is what you get. I pride myself on being a very positive woman, I try my best to be uplifting to others and what they do. For those who know me, they can say that I’m a down to earth person, I try my best to be around people with respect, purpose and understanding.  Negativity really doesn’t bother me at all though; I look at it as you can’t have the good without the bad .. yin and yang.

Q: How do you successfully juggle being a mother/raising four beautiful children and dealing with the hustle and bustle of running a business?
A: It’s hard at times. Dealing with four different spirits, then dealing with customers request and their personality,  it gets crazy .. but I’ve learned to separate my mommy mode from my fluffy mode.  It’s easier now and actually fun..lol.

Q: How long has your business been up and running? What have you learned so far about owning your own business?
A: WWW.FLUFFYANGEL.COM is now 3yrs old as of this past January. So far I’ve learned that owning your own business, whether it’s big or small as a tremendous award. To know that I get up every day doing something that I love and it’s all mine is the greatest experience one can have.

Q: What is it that you hope to accomplish with your business?
A: I hope to provide the best and most affordable unique fashion accessories to the world. Lol, I like to think big.

Q: Besides getting into business for yourself, do you have any other goals that you want to/plan to pursue? If so, what are they?
A: Besides running a website, I am also a hair stylist. I’m looking to getting into the fashion world to do hairstyling for models on the runway or magazines. My ideas are endless I refuse to keep them to myself 😆. Besides that, I am also in the medical field. I’m looking forward to going back to school to pursue a bachelors degree.

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