My Letter To Mr. Trump (Yeah, Yeah I Know He Won’t See It)

Dear Oh Donald,

I am everything that you hate.

I am a woman.
I am black.
I am Latin.
My parents are immigrants.
I stand in solidarity with my Muslim brothers and sisters.
Oh! and I despise you.
More than despising you, I feel sorry for you. Only because you have such a one dimensional, misogynistic, sexist, racist way of thinking AND you believe that not only are you just in thinking the way that you do but because you think that you are unstoppable .. impenetrable. That, and your toupee is just such a terrible one. Seriously, bro!

In writing this letter, I truly do not know where to begin because that is how much negativity and disrespect you have spewed during the last few months of your ‘campaign’.

Should I start with your hate for anyone that isn’t an Anglo-Saxon white man or should I start with your Hitler like vision of having Muslims walk around with a badge that identifies them?


I think we ALL always knew that you were (for lack of a better term) an asshole. But, seeing you campaign these last few months have honestly made me terrified to see what this world will come too if you are elected as president.

To see you degrade woman, it’s sad to say but (from you) I’ve seen it before so it’s not surprising (still disturbing ..)

To hear you degrade Mexicans and all Hispanics/Latinos and generalize them all as being rapists and killers and whatever other disgusting things you said .. well typical Donald (again sad to say).

To see you continue to passively degrade black people and then have a group of black people come to say they support you just reminds me of the white kid that says “Nigga” and then says it’s okay because “My best friend is black so I can’t be racist”. Yet again … Sad to say but something (not just Donald but) A LOT of people do.

But .. the ICING on that bitter cake was when you found it plausible and humane to say that you believed that Muslims should no longer be let into the United States of America. You said that you thought that all Mosque should be closed down. It was when you said that ‘we’ should be able to identify who is a Muslim by having them wear self identifying badges. It was when you let those insanely offensive words roll off your tongue and then showed absolutely no remorse or grief about it.

Condemning an entire group of people because of a small section that does horrible things makes you no better than those horrid people. I mean, I haven’t seen the closing of any churches after a Christian shot up an entire movie theater, or when a Christian shot up a school, or when that devoted Catholic mother drowned her children. They didn’t say that Christians or White Males weren’t allowed inside of movie theaters. Nor did they say that Christians should no longer have a place of prayer. So why sentence all Muslims to that fate?

These Muslims, these refugees .. these people have you ever stopped to think WHY they’re refugees? Have you stopped to think what their life is like in their home countries?

You’re a prick.

I hope one day you come to understand that YOU, Mr. Trump aren’t even American. Lol, I mean you know you’re parents were immigrants too … right? More importantly, I hope you recognize (although, I’m sure you won’t) that this country is built on the backs of immigrants (especially and specifically those of color). This country is built from the suffering of all those you devalue by the exploitation of all those you praise.

While I know that my vote truly does nothing .. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are not elected to be the next president of this country .. (then again, I promised myself I wouldn’t live here past 30 .. but that’s a story for another post) because that means that we’ve regressed hundreds of years. To times where you can overtly deny someone the right to live, a chance to survive and find happiness because of their choice in religion or because of the color of their skin and it isn’t right. It isn’t human.

As much as I despise you and wish you would jump off of a building..  I wish for you to overcome your ignorance more. I wish for you to see that the way you treat/things you say about people encourages others to act on their ill-fated beliefs.

You like many others have the power to make people understand, to bring people hope and instead you feed them negativity and bring more injustice.

In closing, It is people like you that cause people like me to fight harder than ever to make sure that the RIGHT voices are heard, the RIGHT moves are made and that EQUALity is EQUALly served. I will never stop fighting for my brothers and sisters.

With as LITTLE sincerity as possible,

xoxo Cielo.

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