Miss Universe Will Be Alright; Let’s Talk Sandra

Originally I was going to write this post about Steve Harvey and his controversial slip of the tongue .. on national TV! I was going to discuss how terrible I felt not only for him (I mean his error was crucial) but for the two beautiful ladies as well – who I could only imagine were embarrassed and terrified. I was going to continue on by saying that while this event was crazy (to say the least), the racial slurs coming from many Colombians (and others) were totally uncalled for.

This post was going to be about how continuously Latinos/Hispanics deny the FACT that part of (if not most) of their heritage (although they would rather not talk about it) stems from Africa. I mean Colombia it self is one of the top Latin American countries that have a prominent amount of black people; closely followed by Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and ALL of Central America.

Yet after the ACCIDENT (because that’s what it was) that happened just a few days ago .. many people went on a hate rampage that was quite disturbing.

I was going to talk about how America is not the only place where racism is starting to become OVERT again and definitely isn’t the only place that has to have these discussions when it comes to race and equality and understanding what roles these play.

It was also strange (but predictable) that social media sites continue to make jokes at the expense of all parties involved, the news reporters are questioning how will fans will go forward or how Steve Harvey may be at fault. Yet NO ONE is talking about this. No one has yet to talk about the racial slurs that are being thrown his way .. and well it’s SAD.

I then thought about how this seems to be getting more attention than when Mike Brown was shot. This is getting more attention then when Donald Trump said that Muslims shouldn’t be able to come into this “Land Of The Free” country. This is getting more press than Sandra Bland.

Sandra Bland

Or did we forget her name?

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland

A black unarmed woman who died in police custody.

“Say Her Name” is what we chanted for months. The pain of her family, I felt running through my veins. As I saw her pictures, I truly felt that she was my sister. Yet, when they announced that NO ONE would be indicted for her murder ..

I heard nothing of it.

Because THIS is getting more press. No not the overt racism that Steve Harvey is facing (because then I would try to understand). No, but the fact that he announced the wrong winner IS WHAT IS GETTING MORE ATTENTION. Talks that he may be to blame, or how anyone will move forward is what is getting more attention.

I mean, talk about getting conveniently distracted.

Now I have no words, because yet again my people, my sister has been dealt an unfair hand. My sister did not receive the justice that she deserved. And I’m sick.

Sick and disturbed and becoming more disgusted with this country, with this world.

Honestly, I don’t know where to go with this post. I was going to write about one racist act but then I got smacked in the face with this and well …, idk.

Sandra Bland, I will continue to say your name. It seems like that is all that I can do.

#BlackExcellence #SayHerName #SandraBland #BlackLivesMatter #BlackWOMENLivesMatter


xoxo Cielo.

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