Ok .. Let’s Leave These Things In 2015 !

I was scrolling through My Tumblr, when I saw this hilarious but truthful post about things we should leave in 2015.

Let’s just say, I was inspired and decided to make my own list of things that we NEED to leave in 2015. So here goes nothing. BTW; you guys should all make one and share it with friends, fam etc.

  1. Self doubt: It doesn’t get you anywhere .. except stuck in bed and sad. Get up, believe in yourself and make it happen .. you got this!
  2. People who enable your self-doubt: One of the best things you can have around you are people who support you and call you out when need be. One of the worst things? People who feed into your self-doubt, discourage you and make you feel worst about yourself during your time of despair.
  3. People who bring negativity into your space (especially when your happy): Because well .. why would you want that around you anyways. It’s time to speak your mind and tell these negative nancys that its time to do better or take that negativity somewhere else.
  4. Being around people that don’t make you happy: There’s no point .. literally. Learn that your happiness should come first. No it’s not selfish.
  5. Holding your tongue/Lying: Say how you feel because it’s how you feel and you’re entitled to feel how you feel bro. (Like the Tumblr post said) You don’t like that person, don’t f*** with them. Someone asks your opinion, be truthful. Why? Because what the hell .. you lying or “not telling the whole truth” doesn’t help anyone and in the end only makes you uncomfortable & that’s never fun.
  6. Asking for an opinion or truth that you don’t really want: Don’t go ask Johnny if he likes you if you aren’t prepared for Johnny to say “ew, no.”
  7. Doing things you don’t want to do (because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling or don’t want to seem like the bad guy): You don’t want to and you shouldn’t have to. It’s okay to say no.
  8. Comparing yourself to others: You’re you. They’re them. And it’s okay that you guys aren’t the same. ❤
  9. Gossiping: They don’t know you and you don’t know them. Go do something productive and stop discussing people who most likely aren’t even thinking about you.
  10. Judging others/things: They’re not perfect .. but neither are you.
  11. People/Relationships that are stagnant: The point is to grow and get better. Flourish and prosper. Love and be loved. You get the point. If that person isn’t helping you grow and vice versa than well ….
  12. Being stuck in your circumstance: I have always said (and thought) that there are two ways to handle a problem that you may have. Either you find a way to fix it or you accept it and move forward. But what is unacceptable is you wallowing in your self-pity because you think nothing can be done. We definitely need to CUT THIS for 2016.
  13. Being afraid of the unknown: Because its ridiculous. Sometimes change is good and sometimes it’s bad but you’ll never know if you keep hesitating based on fear. Fear is the most debilitating emotion. Remember that.
  14. Degrading women/Misogyny: Your mom is a woman. So is your aunt, your cousin, your grandmother, your sister … and what if you have a daughter?
  15. Teaching women/girls how not to get raped: Let’s stop “teaching” girls that wearing a short dress or having too much to drink means ‘they want it’ and let’s start teaching our men/boys that girls still have a right to say no, short dress and all.
  16. Making plans and not following through: (Guilty as charged) Saying “I’m going to start ____ next week” .. Okay bro you’ve been saying that since 2007 like no. Or anything simple like telling your friend you’ll meet up with them on a certain day then “getting sick” 20 minutes before the meet up.
  17. Being late: Better late than never? Or how about not late at all. K, Thanks.
  18. Hating things you don’t understand: ‘Cause you don’t understand it! It’s not logical to hate things that you don’t understand bro. Try again.
  19. Donald Trump: Because ew.
  20. Racism: I can dream, right ?
  21. Saying ALL LIVES MATTER: Because EVERYONE knows that all lives matter. We’re not stupid. But everyone doesn’t know that BLACK LIVES MATTER. Not everyone knows that MUSLIM LIVES MATTER. They don’t know that BLACK WOMAN LIVES MATTER, BLACK MUSLIM LIVES MATTER, HISPANIC LIVES MATTER, BLACK LATINO LIVES MATTER, MUSLIM WOMEN LIVES MATTER. And well saying ALL LIVES MATTER is like saying “Shut up black people, shut up Muslims, shut up minorities, this isn’t about you” … but really it is. ❤

I’m positive there are more things that we should leave in the 20 fifteen, lol .. but my brain is on overload .. so feel free to add to the list.

xoxo Cielo.


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