New Year, New Makeup !

Let me tell you … when I get a package full of makeup or purchase a new lippie .. I am CERTAIN that my heart skips at least 3 beats.

Lol. I couldn’t wait until 2016 to show you some new items that I bought (Yes, I know 2016 is literally 2 days away .. but what can I say, I couldn’t help myself!)


 Of my purchase, the majority came from ColourPOP which I am certain that you all are aware of by now.
First I want to talk about my other purchases.

I got the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator in the color W101 Golden. It can be used as a primer and highlighter; although I prefer to use it as a highlighter. I would say that it is definitely a subtle highlight and something I would use for everyday wear. $12.49

I also got a Black Radiance Liquid Eyeliner. When it comes to eyeliners, I am pretty cheap. I feel like they all do the same thing so I refuse to spend a bunch of money on them. I never tried Black Radiance before but I have heard a ton of good reviews on the brand and the Wet n Wild eyeliners weren’t doing it for me anymore so I decided to give this a shot. $2.99

Last but not least (before we get to ColourPOP, I got an eyeshadow palette from Lorac. I picked this up from Nordstam Rack for about $14.00. This color is full of nudes and also full of colors that are great for creating a smokey eye. Not to mention that there are some colors that I would use as a highlighter as well! The pigmentation of the colors in this palette are amazing.

On to the fun stuff

About a month or 2 ago, I decided to try out ColourPop and I picked up a few different shades. I was impressed already but after I saw two of my favorite Youtube Gurus ItsMyRayeRaye (who created her own color with ColourPOP) and IrisBeilin (who is just  great at makeup ❤ ) rave about not only ColourPOP lippies but also their eye shadows .. I decided that I should dabble in more than just their ultra matte lippies.

Now I’m not perfect at eye shadow, but I’m trying to step my game up. I saw this beautiful ultra metallic color in the shade GAME FACE and had to have it. The color pay off of this shade is ridiculous ❤ ❤ ❤ and I can not wait to incorporate this my makeup routine, lol! I’m not sure but I believe this was $8.00.

This highlight color is so beautiful. This is in the shade ELECTRIC SLIDE. This feels amazing on the skin .. I mean it just glides right on. This color would definitely be if I’m trying to blind people with my highlight! I can NOT wait to use this! $8.00

 I’m building up my collection slowly but surely. So, I got this bronzer in the color POOLSIDE. I adore this color but I wish that it was darker. I like my bronzer to be a bit dramatic but seeing this color on my skin didn’t do that much for me. $8.00

Now for the lippies! *See, my heart skipped a beat!*
I would have done them one by one but lol that would take forever. So, from left to right the colors are Kapow, StingRaye, Tulle, Limbo, LAX, Zipper, Be Dazzled and Guess. Each $6.00

Kapow – My favorite. The end. There’s something about this color that is very transitional. Sexy but sophisticated. Fall color, but still Summer. Subtle but still out there. I just love it.

StingRaye – I wanted to try out ItsMyRayeRaye’s lip color. However, when I got this color I was a bit disappointed because it looks so much like Tulle (although it is a bit warmer and lighter). The color is still gorg though.

Tulle – Not one of my favorites but it is still a gorgeous color.

Limbo – This color is to die for! It’s like a darker version of Kapow. More sexy, more sultry, more sophisticated, more Fall, more everything! Lol

LAX – This color is a vampy red! Love it. I think I may be biased with these colors .. because once again this color is very sultry and just screams SEX!

Zipper – I adore this color. I have always like purples, plums and dark plum colors. This is no different. This is definitely more of a summer color but knowing me .. I’ll wear it around this time of year too. #Badass lol

Be Dazzled – Now this is more my color. Zipper is more of a bright purple where Be Dazzled is more of a dark purple which plays in that seductive look like I’m clearly into lately.

Guess – I love this color although it is not what I expected. When I bought this color, I expected a vamped up plum color but what I got was a purple so dark, it literally looks black. At first I was like -__- but honestly, black is my color too so I was okay with it. However, if you are def looking for a extremely dark purple (that isn’t black lol) then don’t get this color.

Of all the colors, Kapow, Limbo and LAX are my favorites but as I stated all the colors are gorgeous. All the colors are beautifully pigmented. All the colors are literally ULTRA MATTE. Lol

I can’t wait to get more products from ColourPOP and to just expand my makeup collection!

xoxo Cielo.

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