Your breath sails across the nape of my neck
Your fingertips graze my arm
Your eyes take in my every feature

I feel you

You tilt your head and smile
You rub your hands through my curls
You plant a kiss on my cheek
You sit back and sigh

I want you

You lock your fingers around mine
You hold on tight
You urge me to meet your gaze
You kiss me again
Forceful this time
You crash into me
Body on mine
I crash back
Mind on body

I need you

Our bodies dance under the moonlight
A full moon night
Our souls singing their own tune
Your name escapes from my quivering lips
The night ends in everlasting bliss.

I never want to leave

To get up

To let go

Of this very moment

You turn over
Show me your gaped tooth smile

I grin and close my eyes

I am you.
We are one.


xoxo Cielo.

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