Let’s Fix This Face – A Mini Beauty/Skin Care Haul

For the past few weeks I have been trying to find a skin care regimen that works for my skin type. I did a lot of research by looking into what works for people with similar skin types and watching lots of YouTube videos by some of my favorites. Unfortunately, I was still hesitant on what products I should get. Well, a few days ago I found myself in Walgreens and I picked out a few beauty products that kind of just called to me! So, I hope you guys enjoy this post and this haul and hopefully it gives you some insight into what products you might want to try.

What is my skin type?

Well, I have combination to oily skin. However, not all products work on my face because it is extremely sensitive. My problem areas are pretty typical – oily T zone with random dry spots.

So, what did I get?


Witch Hazel – I already had this but it’s something that I wanted to include in this haul because it is in constant usage for my face. When it comes to wiping away excess dirt and oil, this is my go to product.

Studio 35 Beauty Premium Facial Cleansing Pads – I picked this up because I wanted something to use with my Witch Hazel. Paper Towels are too harsh and Cotton Balls just weren’t doing the trick. What I like about these is they are double sided (one side has an exfoliating pad while the other is soft and smooth) which gives you the choice is how exactly you want to clean your face.


PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash ;Maximum Strength with Benzoyl Peroxide 10% – I picked this up because it was recommended to me by my dermatologist about a year ago. However, I could never find this product in drug stores so I would also end up getting its sister product – which was a soap bar (instead of the foaming wash). I actually stopped using it for a while because I felt that it was to harsh for my face and it left my skin feeling severely dry. However, I am down for trying a product out a second time. Also, I did use this product everyday in the past. This time around I plan to use this product once or twice a week in hopes that it really gets out those impurities and oil build up that my face tends to sustain during the week.

Burt’s Bees Brightening Daily Facial Cleanser with Daisy Extract – 98.7% natural written on the bottle is what made me buy this product. Burt’s Bees is known for being one of the more natural lines of beauty products out .. which means you really can’t go wrong trying out their products. Being that I got PanOxyl as a once of week cleanser, I decided that I should get something for everyday usage. I’ll tell you, I just used some before writing this post and I’m in love!

Side bar: I do try my hardest to use all natural products but sometimes you just can’t get away from the unnatural things. So until I find an all natural way to take care of my skin, some of these products will just have to do.

Burt’s Bees Peach & Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub – Now 99.9% natural had me. Lol. Not only that but I am plagued by white heads (problem area – my nose) and I have found very few scrubs that work for my face. Once again, my skin is too sensitive to take tons of exfoliation so I’ll probably use this once or twice a week.


Frank Coconut Body Scrub – This stuff I’ve had for a while but I thought that it would be a good idea to incorporate with my new skin routine. Like most people, if I use the same product too often my skin will start to reject it. So, I plan to switch this out with my Burt’s Bees scrub every other week or so just to keep my routine fresh and skin vibrant.


Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin – So, by now you guys should know … I am the token child for sensitive skin. So literally, as soon as I saw sensitive skin I was sold! I have been using this for the past couple of days as well and already my skin feels so hydrated without feeling oily. I have used a sister product of this before but the one I used contained SPF 15 and it made me extremely oily and I couldn’t stand it. Furthermore, I have tried well known brands like CetaPhil and it just doesn’t work for me, so I’m excited to see how my skin will continue to react to this product.


Last but not least on the things I picked up from my Walgreens adventure is the Sally Hansen Nail Polish in the color 310 Slick Slate. You guys know I’ve been trying to grow my nail polish collection so I threw this in my basket.

The last two products (purchased from The Body Shop) are things that I have had in my regimen and will continue to use.
Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter – This is basically what I use to remove my makeup and I still have found nothing that compares to it. Whenever I use this there is no product residue and my face feel smooth and hydrated after washing.

Tea Tree Face Mask – This mask just makes my face feel minty fresh and lifts those impurities from my face. I use this on a bi-weekly basis and it hasn’t let me down.

These products along with my cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil are going to make up my new skin care routine. Of course along the way I will switch out and try new products but I’m pretty excited for the new items that I purchased!

I hoped that you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully you see some items that you want to try! ❀

xoxo Cielo.

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