Tips For Maintaining Healthy Natural Hair

With my last hair care post, I talked about a few ways that my naturalistas would be able to tell if their hair is healthy. With this new post I wanted to give some tips about ways to maintain that healthy hair. So here we go!

  • Cut out heat! If you do feel the need to use heat .. use it at a low setting. (Although I will say, you might as well just let it air dry if you are going to use a blow-dryer at a low setting). Try to use twist outs and braid outs as an alternative for curling your hair.
  • Snip those split ends. Some natural babies think that our natural hair doesn’t need to be clipped from time to time but trust me it is necessary. Clipping those ends every few weeks is essential in promoting hair growth and eliminating fly aways. Also, if you don’t clip those split ends it will only get worse over time – and that’s not cute.
  • Moisturize that scalp. Even if you don’t have time every day, just taking 10 minutes every few days to massage your scalp with some nutritious oils can help to promote growth. My favorite oils to use are coconut, tea tree, argon, and Jamaican black castor oil.
  • Don’t moisturize TOO much or excessively. Too much moisture results in product build up which leaves your hair feeling and looks dull and lifeless and is also unhealthy.
  • Deep Conditioning is your friend.
  • Coconut Oil is also your friend.
  • Okay okay, Jamaican black castor oil is coconut oils cousin aka also your friend.
  • Switch products every few months. Our hair can easily become accustomed to the products we use. This means that our hair will eventually stop reacting positively (or just won’t react at all) to some of our products. It’s nothing bad but it is something that can happen (just like with make up or other skin care items). Just switching out 1-2 products every few months will definitely do your hair some good.
  • Silk and Satin Caps/Bonnets and Satin Pillowcases for the win! I am prone to NOT following this but it is vital! Satin Pillowcases and/or Silk Caps are so important because they lock in that moisture that so necessary for hair growth. If you sleep with nothing on your head and you have cotton pillow cases -smh- the life is literally being sucked out of your hair and also making it more frizzy, dry and brittle.
  • Protective styling. One of the best ways to retain moisture in your hair and promote healthy hair is to protect your hair. There are so many ways to protect your hair from braids, wigs, weaves and much more .. the possibilities are endless and FUN!
  • More water and healthy eating with a side of exercise please. This is self explanatory. Just like I stated in my previous hair care post what you put into your body is what you get out of it!

So far this is all I can think of but trust me these tips will help save a life -the life of your hair! Lol ❤

xoxo Cielo.

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