Yummy Yummy Yummly!

You guys have been with me as I’ve started to eat healthy and just really dive into a healthy lifestyle. One problem that I face with this is that sometimes I get so bored because (to me) it seems like the choices I have (to eat) are limited. I mean, I really don’t eat dairy at all anymore, I’m trying to cut out meat as much as possible and so many things that we think are healthy .. I’m learning that they just aren’t!

After being frustrated with my lack of options, I started to look up healthy recipes. As I searched through google and various cooking sites, the ‘healthy’ recipes I saw weren’t healthy at all. C’monnnnn a lot of them had PORK (I do not eat pork – never have never will, ew. No offense) and I kept thinking to myself – ‘on what planet is pork healthy bro’. So not only was I not finding what I was looking for but I also felt like I couldn’t trust those sites.

After my frustration got the best of me, I headed to Facebook just to skim through some posts and forget about the horrid recipes that I saw. At that moment I saw a post from a girl who is very much into fitness, knows about alkaline foods and diets and is just an all around healthy individual. If you don’t know hat alkaline foods are, that is another post for another time. Just know that alkaline foods are what we need to live an all around healthy life (in terms of eating -that is). In the comments section of her post, someone asked how she came up with different recipes and pretty much just asked her for advice. So you know, now my eyes are PEELED to the screen. Lol. Anyways she recommended an app and now I want to recommend it to you.

The name of the app is

*drummmmmmmmmmmmmm rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll*


I am not sure if it is available on androids, but have no fear because I literally just found the website!


I have been using this app for about 3 weeks and I LOVE IT! It’s reminiscent of a Facebook news feed with just an abundance of different recipes. You can pile your favorite recipes into different categories and can even create a shopping list of items that you would need for each recipe.

However, my favorite part is that you tailor your profile to fit your needs. So upon downloading the app, you will be asked what kind of ‘diet’ you are on, what foods you don’t like, what allergies you may have and things of that nature.

This app has been such a help. I have been able to make Zucchini fries, different wraps and seafood entrees! I can’t wait to make even more things and share them with you all!

Please check out this app especially if eating healthy is something that you want to try!

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