what makes you feel free?

the moon. the stars. being on tropical islands while the wind blows through my hair. sand. the ocean. the sound of the waves. poetry. yoga. yoga on the beach. vibing out during summer nights. candles. candles lit while reading poetry. candles lit while doing yoga. activating crystals. laughing. like, genuine laughter. crying after having held in my emotions. the smell of lavender. the smell of peppermint. putting my head under water. getting lost in a good book. getting lost in music. understanding art from the artists point of view. indulging in new and different cultures. the wind. being randomly inspired. rain. getting lost in happy memories. grass, although i’m allergic lol. water. the sound of water. the feeling of it against my skin -especially after a long day. waking up in bliss. writing, like now -so therapeutic. being alone, now that i’ve come to appreciate what that means. also, being around people that i know i can be myself around. positive energy in it’s rarest form. genuine happiness. genuine love.


There’s this girl that I’m friends with on Facebook and she always posts the most thought invoking statuses. I love it, lol! Friday night blues, whilst I scrolled through my feed and a status of hers popped up – “What makes you feel free?”

I didn’t want to bombard her status with such a lengthy reply but I was also very tempted to reflect and answer the question for myself.

There are some days where we feel out of it, constricted and not in control of our lives. Sometimes, we need a (sort of) trigger or spark to help remind us that so many things ARE in fact right. So many things are freeing. It’s just up to us to remember to take that time for yourselves to indulge in those things. And it’s okay to need that reminder. And it’s okay that that reminder may happen at the most random times -hence a simple FB question.

Today, right now .. in this moment, I needed that reminder. Of all the things that make me feel free. Funny how the universe works, right?

Take some time to reflect .. what makes you feel free?



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