October 1st means …

It’s breast cancer awareness month!

Since I last blogged so much has happened -which I’ll probably do an extensive post about later. But for now, I have some pretty exciting news! This month, my business will be donating 40% of what we earn to the Painted Pink For Breast Cancer Org

Yesterday, I sent out a newsletter summing up why I chose to do this and why I specifically chose this organization. I want you all to be in on the info so, I thought why not blog about it as well. 

This year started off in distress as my grandmother – our family matriarch, wonder woman, majestic goddess, warrior queen (and more) was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Later in the year, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lung Cancer. Watching my grandmother undergo surgeries, chemo and radiation was extremely scary and nerve wracking but also humbling. It taught me so much about appreciation and showing love to the people in our lives while they’re still here! Thus far, this journey has made our family stronger. We’ve had to pick up where she couldn’t. Wipe our tears before she could see them. And although, some times were harder than others, we got it done -for her! 

But more than being strong, what I truly had the urge to do was educate myself. 

Upon doing so, I learned that while Black women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer at an alarmingly higher rate than other races; there aren’t many resources dedicated to us, by us, for us. As an entrepreneur, as a black women, as someone that has now been closely affected … this struck a chord.

I knew that this year was different for me and I wanted to be of service to a black local owned non profit. One that was dedicated to spreading awareness, funding, research or anything of the sort. I reached out to a few colleagues and friends and upon talking with Jasmine Marie (founder of Creative Women Build), I stumbled upon the Painted Pink Org. Keep reading to hear more about their story.

Painted Pinks Story

While Painted Pink isn’t locally owned, after speaking with founder Ann-Marie and board member Amaris, I was sold. With a mission statement of educating the youth and a vision of self advocacy, knowledge of genetic health and support across the board, here’s what they’re all about:

1. They empower millennials to take charge of their breast health.
2. They support millennials with access to mentors, resources, and medical professionals who understand the intersection of breast health and the realities of breast cancer for this generation.   
3. They are proponents of the purposely pink lifestyle – knowing your genetic history and being proactive about fitness, nutrition, and beauty practices.

They also have the following programs available to all warrior queens:

  • Purposely Pink Programs are events focused on fitness and health, i.e making sure we’re watching what we are putting in and on our bodies.
  • Baby ShowerHer Campaign are baby showers for women who are undergoing breast cancer and are pregnant.
  • Care Packages are put together by the Painted Pink team and is filled with hypoallergenic items, motivational items, and items to alleviate discomfort from chemo.
  • Collegiate Tours are when the Painted Pink team go to different universities to speak to young women about the importance of breast health.

Ann-Marie Appiah is the C.E.O and founder of Painted Pink For Breast Cancer. She formed this non profit after having two lumpectomies and having a close family member be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is an advocate for breast cancer awareness as well as an advocate for the awareness of genetic disposition. To date the Painted Pink org has raised over 22k and has partnered with various brands such as Jane Carter Organics and TGINatural hair companies.

I’d love for you all to be a part of something so amazing and so important to myself, Ann-Marie and millions of other women … other black women.

Head over to my site to purchase some handcrafted jewels. For this month, I have specially crafted jewels featuring breast cancer charms (and of course featuring my healing crystals). 40% of what I earn this month will be donated to the Painted Pink For Breast Cancer Org. 

If this cause/non profit resonated with you and you’d like to personally donate, please reach out to Ann-Marie via Instagram.

I hope to stay connected. Peace, love + light, always ..

Here’s an affirmation to take with you:
I honor my need to rest and recharge.

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