An Ode To Sisterhood

Journeying through entrepreneurship has been the most stressful and rewarding thing that I’ve done thus far. Networking, collaborating, finally participating in pop ups -all in the name of  building my business and brand. There’s really no feeling like it.

But the best part has been connecting with like minded people. This sense of solidarity and familiarity when talking to another creative, business owner and/or entrepreneur. For so long, I felt alone on this journey. Misunderstood. Extremely fearful. The connectivity across the board has significantly helped in all those realms. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

With that being said, I wanted to set aside a moment to truly thank two women who have aided in my growth and have kept me sane in the moments that the various parts of my life begun to take a toll.

Anne E., founder of Nubian Crowns Clothing Boutique

Anne has been such a pivotal part of my journey! To even begin to describe would take forever. Plus, she already knows the bulk of it. Let me just say, that her strength, resilience and transparency are inspiring. Her passion for her brand, her culture, her family and beyond literally radiant off of her. She always talks about how much I’ve helped her be the face of her business but she’s helped me own my business with this grace and confidence (which I most certainly did not have before). She’s definitely the go-getter of our crew and always pushes us to go harder and dream bigger!

Victoria C., founder of Ravished Shoes Boutique

Victoria popped up in my life at the exact moment that I needed someone like her. So big shout outs to Anne for bringing her into our sister circle. Not only does Vicky bring the fun and the wine to every situation but she brings reality. As a creative, we have a million ideas by the second. With that, we can be prone to anxiety. She brings us back to earth while still fiercely believing in every idea that we put forth! She’s definitely the realist of our trio. Her belief in us and our goals is more humbling than words can express. She holds us accountable and hold us down!

As black women, we’re often taught that we all can’t win. There’s only room for one of us. But through this sisterhood, we have created lanes not only for ourselves but one together. So, my ode to sisterhood is this:

Through you I have found me
Resilience makes homes out of strong bodies
And Faith makes homes out of the strong willed
Higher frequencies makes room for us to be divine
Is the light that surrounds us
We have found what we need
In each other
So to my sisters, I thank you. I love you. Forever.


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