Sacral Chakra Vibes

The beauty of doing a cleanse is that you can/should tailor it to what you need. After a week on Root Chakra cleansing, I decided that I needed another week of it. So I did just that. More tapping into gratitude. More release of fear. More grounding. More security.

Now, we transition to the Sacral Chakra which is where our creativity, sensuality/sexuality and getting in touch with our deeper emotions reside. For the ladies, this is also the seat of womb health. This chakra is located in the lower abdominal area and ruled by the element water. Where the Root Chakra reminds us to stay grounded, the Sacral Chakra reminds us to flow with ease and graceImage result for sacral chakra

When the Sacral Chakra is blocked, guilt is typically the feeling that overcomes us. When guilt arises, we shut down and are unable to express ourselves adequately. We repress a lot of emotions, feel stuck, wallow in our feelings and we are overly anxious and/or may deal with depression. A blocked Sacral Chakra may also result in low libido, moodiness/irritability, difficulty maintaining relationships etc.

Through self-awareness and then forgiveness and we can balance our Sacral Chakra. When balanced, we feel things fully and with ease. We experience joy, abundance and we are able to release things that do not serve us -without dwelling on the negative aspects of it. We are able to understand and be comfortable with our sexual nature and even more, we are able to use that energy to create.

So, mind, body and spirit?

To ease the mind, I use these essential oils:

  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Sandalwood

notice that these essential oils are noted for their floral notes (with the exception of sandalwood). These essential oils are known for having almost a regal essence to it.

For morning meditation, I tend to go for shorter practices.



These two are via … you guessed it, INSIGHT TIMER (lol)!

While I haven’t done these two mediations, I have done others by Sarah Jane Chapman and Amy Patee and I quite like them. So, I added this to my queue for the upcoming week and we’ll be trying them together!

For Yoga, here are two practices that I’ve tried and enjoyed.

Affirmation: I flow through life with ease and grace. I use my creativity to align with my higher self. I use my alignment to tap into my sensuality. I feel pleasure to my core and allow myself to gain vital life force from it.

Journal Prompt/s: Take these prompts with you as you work through the Sacral Chakra. Answer whichever resonates with you (or all!).

  • How/What can you do to tap into your creativity?
  • How/What can you do to tap into your sensuality/sexuality?
  • When you think of a healthy relationship, what words come to mind?
    • Expand on that. Why do these particular words/phrases come to mind?
  • Do you consider yourself a creative person? A sexual person? How do the two relate (for you)?
  • What is your relationship to sex? How do you feel about your body? Is this relationship, a healthy one? What can you do to better the relationship?
  • Which is easier, giving or receiving? Why?

Happy vibing y’all, see you next week. And remember to flow with ease, always.

– Sky Britnei

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