A Self Love Ritual ♡

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What Does a Self Love Ritual Look Like?

Our highest state is love, and it all begins with ourselves.  When we love ourselves, love comes to us with ease. When we respect ourselves, we set a precedent for how others will treat and respect us. And those that we are not meant to be near will naturally gravitate out of our lives.

Here are some items to have handy for your self love ritual:

[ Now Let’s Dive In ]

1. Clear your space 💨
You should start any ritual by first clearing your space. Make sure your space feels open and inviting to you. Think about how you want the space to feel? Smell? Look?
As you intentionally light your candles, sage or incense, state your intention and reason for creating and diving into your self love practice. Take a few deep breaths to help bring yourself into the present moment.
2. Self-love meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️
Using your DE LA JIPI Heart Chakra Roll On, anoint your heart chakra (middle of your chest), your palms and your wrist. Take intentional breaths. As you inhale state an affirmation and as you exhale visualize self doubt, sadness, and stress melting away from you.
Here are some beautiful affirmation to state while doing your meditation.
  • I radiate self love
  • I am worthy of unconditional love from myself
  • I love myself every day a little more
  • I am in divine connection
  • I love and accept myself unconditionally
  • I acknowledge my gifts and know that they are powerful
  • I am powerful
  • I am beautiful
  • I am worthy of my needs, desires, and goals
3. Ritual bath 🛁
After completing your loving meditation, run yourself a hot bath.
Add DE LA JIPI ZEN Bath and Body Elixir and/or DE LA JIPI Coconut Milk Soak to the bath to feel divine self love in your sacred space. Feel free to add additional essential oils and herbs to your bath. You may want to add epsom salt to detox your body and energetically clear yourself or jasmine for an additional boost of self love. Put your heart chakra crystal/s in the bath with you so that you are covered by the loving energy of the stone. Set a glass of your divine drink next to you on the ledge of your tub. Sip slowly and intentionally. Place candles around your bath and play high vibrational music.
Here’s a self love playlist that you can vibe out too:
Let yourself sink into the water and be still. Feel yourself resetting and connecting.
4. Mirror Exercise 
We are quite often disconnected from certain parts of our body. Whether it be due to past trauma or taking on societal pressures. Many of us have deemed some parts of our physical bodies unworthy.
Years of harboring such feelings are certain to leave a negative impact thus leaving us feeling disconnected from or ashamed of certain parts of ourselves.
Because of this, it is a very important that we hold space for our physical bodies as well.
As you step out of your bath and anoint yourself with healing oils, take a moment to stand in front of a mirror. Place your hands where it has always hurt your heart to think about, or a place on your body that makes you feel shameful, guilty or stressed.
With your hands on your body, send loving energy and thoughts to this area.
Try saying
“I’m so sorry that I felt ashamed of you for so long. I now release those thoughts, feelings and emotions. I’m sorry and I love you.”
Repeat the words “I’m sorry” and “I love you” in your mind or out loud as many times as you need to. As you do so, feel the energy shift in this area of your body.
Hold your rose quartz in your right hand over the area that you are giving loving energy to. Restate the intention of your self love ritual. Smile. Breathe. Hug yourself.
5. Journal 
Now that you have mediated and shown lovingkindness to your mind and body, you will now be able to receive spiritual downloads. Open your journal, grab a pen and let your soul write. Try not to think about the words too much.
You might ask yourself:
  • How was I feeling before? How do I feel now?
  • What do I want to manifest into my life?
  • How else can I show up for myself?
  • What am I ready to heal?
  • In what ways can I bring more self-love and care into my life on a consistent basis?
Or you may want to write a love note to yourself. You might start with:
  • You’ve shown resilience in the way you’ve…
  • I’m so sorry for…
  • You deserve…
  • I love the way you….
  • Ways I’m going to show how much I love you…
6. Have A Minute Of Gratitude
As you close your journal, put down your divine drink and begin to relax completely, let your thoughts come to an easeful pause.
Thank yourself for intentionally holding space.
As you blow out your candles, thank the Higher Power/God/Universe/Source, thank your spirit guides, thank your loving ancestors and whomever else showed up to protect you during your self love moments.
Smile some more. Breathe some more. Hug yourself some more.
Now, rest.
I hope this resonated and you are now able to use this ritual to make self love a daily practice!

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