Six Ways To πŸ’«[Take Care]πŸ’« of Yourself During The Corona Virus Outbreak!


With the concern growing around the #coronavirus, it is important that we all take a moment to tune in and figure out ways that we can protect ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here I have compiled a short list for you on ✨ SIX WAYS THAT YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF DURING THE OUTBREAK. ✨

  1. Wash Your Hands


  2. Moisture Those Babies After


  3. Tap Into Holistic Alternatives


  4. Take Care of Your Mental Health


  5. Be Gentle


  6. Share The Information


During this time, it is imperative that we stay smart and safe while also maintaining our emotional and mental health. As long as we are taking care of our physical and spiritual bodies then we will be fine.

Here are some affirmations that I’d like you to take:

βœ¨π€π…π…πˆπ‘πŒ βˆ™ 𝐈 π€πŒ 𝐒𝐀𝐅𝐄 𝐀𝐍𝐃 π‡π„π€π‹π“π‡π˜βœ¨
βœ¨π—”π—™π—™π—œπ—₯𝗠 βˆ™ 𝗠𝗬 π—£π—›π—¬π—¦π—œπ—–π—”π—Ÿ 𝗔𝗑𝗗 π—¦π—£π—œπ—₯π—œπ—§π—¨π—”π—Ÿ π—•π—’π——π—œπ—˜π—¦ 𝗔π—₯π—˜ 𝗣π—₯π—’π—§π—˜π—–π—§π—˜π——βœ¨
βœ¨π˜Όπ™π™π™„π™π™ˆ βˆ™ π™ƒπ™€π˜Όπ™‡π™π™ƒ π™„π™Ž π™’π™€π˜Όπ™‡π™π™ƒ π˜Όπ™‰π˜Ώ 𝙄 π˜Όπ™ˆ π™’π™€π˜Όπ™‡π™π™ƒπ™”βœ¨

Looking for ways to tap into health and wellness during this time?

Shop DE LA JIPI’s Body Butters, Scrubs and Roll On’s to keep your mind, body and soul protected.

Tune into @lotuslaloba‘s Loba Land podcast for tips on supporting loved ones that are dealing with autoimmune disorders during this time.

Check out @aguadejade for THE best Elderberry Syrup.

Look to practitioners such as @ingraceyoga for tips and tools regarding chakra healing + easing fear during this time.

Gentle Reminders:

  • Don’t believe everything you read, see or hear. Make sure that you fact check.
  • It is okay to remove yourself from conversations that are filling you with anxiety.
  • Words are extremely important and valuable. Remember to speak life, health and wealth over yourself.


Sending you all healing vibes,

Sky Britnei


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