Adorning Yourself: Make It A Ritual

When we are intentional about what we feed our minds, bodies and souls, we are honoring ourselves. We are tapping into the divine beauty, power, magick and art that runs through our veins.

That in itself is a sacred practice. A ritual.

Consciously choosing to adorn yourself with jewels, clothing, oils, scents etc., allows us to cultivate a beautiful relationship with our higher selves, The Universe, our ancestors and one another.

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Our people have been adorning themselves since the beginning of time. From ceremonies to special occasions, so why not make every day just as special with the act of sacred adornment.

But how?

It’s all in the intention. The why. Taking a moment before adorning yourself to think about what item or items you’d like to help you amplify the divinity within.

Example: Healing Crystal Jewelry. Instead of picking up the prettiest earring in the bunch, quiet your mind and allow the jewels you need to call to you. Think about the properties of the crystals embedded with the jewelry and how that may apply to your life. Think about who made it. How and when. These things matter as everything is energy and holds a certain vibration. You want to make sure that you are adding to your vibration — not depleting.

Here’s a ritual to take with you …

As you are intentional with the items you choose, you should also be intentional while putting these items on — whether they be oils, jewels or clothing. That is how the action becomes a ritual that can then be added to your life.

Start by setting time aside to honor the beauty, power, magick and art within (I suggest making this apart of your morning routine). Make this a time to remind and affirm yourself of whatever it is you may need to hear in that moment. Take the time to infuse the act of adorning yourself with the practice of affirming yourself with positive thoughts.

As you set time aside to honor yourself, create a space that feels good to you. Light your incense, or candles. Play your current favorite song. Dance or sing or meditate or smile or hug yourself or have a cup of tea — you get the point right? Create a space and fill it with actions that uplift your mood.

After this, the rest is simple …

As you begin to adorn yourself, ask yourself “how does this make me feel”, “how do I feel in this moment”.

Let feelings of gratitude wash over you as you thank yourself, your body, your ancestors and The Divine for the support and space you have received.

End by reciting a mantra or affirmation.

Here’s a gentle reminder for you: Your ritual is your own. Tailor it to what feels good to you. If a more simplistic approach suits your needs better, then go for it. Sacredly adorning yourself can be as simple as caressing your skin with coconut oil after a shower, or clearing off your nightstand at the end of the day to light a candle. It can be wearing your favorite bracelet for a week straight or switching necklaces every day. Saying affirmations or swaying your hips to the sweetest melodies of a calming song. It can be all of those. Or just two. But the beauty of life and rituals is that you have the ability to create your own.

Any time you intentionally honor all the beauty that you are, is a time of sacred adornment.

Sky Britnei

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