Mal de Ojo ๐Ÿงฟ Evil Eye – The Meaning, History & Why We Wear It

Originating in ancient Greece and spanning across a variety of cultures and traditions, the evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a jealous glare or other negative energy, usually directed towards a person who is unaware. Known in a variety of cultures, it is said that receiving the evil eye can cause one misfortune, bad luck, or injury. Jewelry, talismans, and amulets with the eye symbol were created to give the owner protection against the evil eye.

It is said that when anyone looks at someone with an envious eye they fill the surrounding atmosphere with negative energy and transmits this energy onto the person of their disdain, causing misfortune.

In addition, it is believed that when we wear the talisman, it protects us from evil spirits and bad luck. It has dual capability of providing us with both protection and power. Wearing this protective symbol for good fortune or as protection from negative energy is a cultural commonality amongst the believers. 

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It is believed there are three evil eyes: The first is the unconscious evil eye. These harm people and things without intention. The second type intends to harm others. The third is the unseen and hidden evil, which is considered the most frightening.

The right way to access the powers of the Evil Eye is to firmly believe in its strength and let its protection guide you on your life journey. Most people wear it as apart of their jewelry and often times combine it with the Hamsa (also known as the Hand of Fatima) which has a similar meaning to the Evil Eye. It is said that when the Hamsa and Evil Eye are combined, no curse, negative thought or bad intention will hinder you from achieving your goals.

Evil Eye Color Meaning

Although, traditionally seen in blue, the Evil Eye can be found in a variety of colors and they all carry slightly different meanings. While our Mal de Ojo collection features the traditional colors thus far, here are some other colors to look out for.

Blue: The traditional color for good karma, positive energies and protection against the evil eye.

White: The pureness of the color is associated with light, goodness and purity.

Yellow: Symbolizes energy, strength, and power.

Light Blue: Symbolizes truth and broadening your horizons and provides direct protection against the evil eye. 

Orange: This color is associated with increased happiness and creativity, helping you to connect with your playful side.

Green: Encourages you to enjoy your life and enjoy balance and gratitude.

Red: Gives you increased energy, strength and courage and protection.

Pink: Protects your friendships and encourages contentment and relaxation.

Purple: The color of divinity guides you to examine your life by removing obstacles and creating balance in your life.

Mal de Ojo (Evil Eye) Prayer โˆ™ I reverse and send back all negative energy from known and unknown individuals with pinpoint accuracy. May their own energy close all of their roads and spiritually blind them.

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