10 Powerful Daily Mantras

What is A Mantra?

Stemming from Hindu and Buddhist practices, mantras are traditionally sounds (and words) that are repeated to help build concentration, focus and confidence while promoting peace and ease. The repetitive nature of these sounds and words are typically used in conjunction with a meditation or yoga practice.

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Here are some mantras to journey with βˆ™

1. AUM or OM

AUM or OM is a universal vibration, with each sound representing creation and manifestation. As you say AUM, focus on what intention you are putting out into the world. This could be your own well-being or it can be dedicated to your family, your community, or to the world.

2. Happiness is a choice, not a condition. I choose to be happy.

This mantra allows us the opportunity to shift through our emotions. It reminds us that while negative emotions may be brought to the surface, we have the power to regain control. We have the power to feel and release what does not serve us and to choose joy, light and love above all else.

3. I choose peace. I choose me.

This mantra reminds us that it is okay to choose ourselves. Do not let anyone guilt you into thinking otherwise. Anything that costs you your peace … is to expensive.

4. I release the things that are out of my control.

Because harboring what you cannot change will begin to weigh heavy on your heart, mind, body and soul. And we deserve much more than that.

5. I am whole.

In this moment and in all moments. This mantra allows us to appreciate where we are in each moment.

6. I step into my power.

This mantra is a gentle reminder to play big! When outside forces (and sometimes self detrimental thoughts) make you feel unworthy of your gifts and talents, this mantra empowers us and allows us to break free of limitations.

7. I honor my spirit and trust my vibes.

Operating at our highest potential looks like trusting ourselves and intuitive guidance. This mantra serves as a sweet reminder to do so.

8. I am free.

This mantra allows us to release ourselves from limitations.

9. Inhale, exhale.

This mantra reminds us to return to breath and the power that that holds. It helps to relieve stress, toxins and anxiety while helping to fill us with more energy and uplifting vibes. Plus, it reminds us of the power of simply BEING.

10. I choose love.

This mantra brings peace to our heart space and eases our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. It serves as a sweet reminder to show up in love and by doing so, everything else will fall into place.

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Practice Tips :

  • Chant your mantra before the beginning and end of your yoga practice
  • Chant during your meditation practice
  • Couple different mantras together to amplify your practice
    • My favorite “I am free. I am whole. I choose peace.”
  • Chant anytime, anywhere
  • Create a mantra that feels good to you
  • Practice how it intuitively feels best to

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