Journeying Into 2022 ✨ Reflections, Insights + Lessons From 2021

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At the end of each year, I compile a list all of the insights and lessons that I’ve learned (and sometimes had to relearn). The insights that have really stuck with me, helped me grow, helped me reflect and gain a new level of innerstanding. This year was no different.

2021 called for me to surrender in ways that I’ve never really had to do before. In ways that challenged my spiritual, mental and emotional growth. This surrender looked like putting full faith and trust in the Most High. It looked like honoring and nurturing myself. Trusting myself enough to know that I have the power, skillset and divine guidance to make sound decisions for my highest good.

It looked like prioritizing myself and what felt good. “What feels good to you? Does this feel good to you?” were major questions that I had to ask myself almost everyday this year.

It looked like disconnection from the outside world to get deeper connected to Spirit and Self. It looked like honoring and embracing change (despite what others thought or deemed acceptable). It looked like being honest with myself — especially regarding safety and putting myself (and choosing to remain) in spaces that didn’t feel good or safe — despite them once feeling aligned.

It looked like the prioritization of myself, my peace of mind, my joy, my growth, my journey, my freedom.

And although 2021 ebbed like a MF, lmao — I learned so much, I give thanks, I sit in gratitude and I love it here. With that being said, let’s get into these lessons, reflections and insights shall we?

Journeying into 2022 DE LA JIPI Elements Of A Hippie Blog Sky Britnei

🔮 Lessons, Reflections + Insights From 2021 🔮

∿ Give yourself grace through the ebbs and flows. Healing is not linear no matter what stage you’re in.

∿ Your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental wellness does not have to play marytr in order for you to be deserving of all the sweetness that this life has to offer you.
This is an insight came to me at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021 and continued to reveal itself and ring true many times throughout this year. You do not need to be unwell, struggle or suffer to be worthy of good things. You do not have to struggle first. You do not have to prove that you are worthy. Because, You … just … are.

That leads me to this insight (which funny enough came to me at the end of this year)
∿ You get to (and have to be willing to) prioritize your peace of mind, healing and happiness. You get to prioritize what feels good to and for you.
There will be people (including ourselves sometimes — shoutouts to self sabotage) that try to guilt trip and gaslight you into thinking that the prioritization of YOUR peace of mind is selfish. But guess what? It is! And that’s okay. You get to be a little selfish on your healing journey. You get to put yourself and your needs first.
A sweet reminder that you can’t pour from an empty up and shouldn’t pour from a full one. But instead your loved ones (and others you choose to share energy with) should receive from the excess and overflow of your cup. Don’t let that go over your head sweet soul.

∿ It is okay for the things that bring you joy, peace of mind and ease to change. It is okay if the things, people and opportunities that once brought you joy, to no longer be a source of it. YOU GET TO CHANGE. You get to engage with what feels good, when it feels good.

You get to pivot, change, grow and evolve.
As you see fit. When you see fit. And you never have to explain yourself.

∿ Missed opportunities align us with our true path and allows us the space to bloom in our divinity and purpose.
Others inability to see your magick has nothing to do with you. Do not allow their abilities to shape your narrative and story.
Also adding that when you take care of yourself, opportunities meant for you will naturally will show up.

∿ We get to show up and exist just as we are.
Showing up as we are does not negate the healing and growth taking place. We are enough in this moment AND beautifully blooming too. Know that taking up space, looks like showing up as you are AND allowing yourself to freely grow and evolve in the ways that best support you. Give yourself space to be when needed and to grow when necessary.

∿ The beauty of our individual journeys is that it is indeed ours.
Our journeys are not meant for other people to overstand. It is a privilege for all of us to bare witness to each other. And that is good enough. That in itself, is beautiful.

∿ We need to be self aware and accountable for how we’ve contributed to (some of) the disharmony happening in our lives.
Everyone likes to talk about awareness and accountability until it’s of self. This year asked me to look at how other people gaslit their way into my life through their lack of accountability and awareness. But, Spirit also asked me to look at how I invited those uneaseful moments into my life through my own lack of accountability and wavering of boundaries.

∿ No one gets to determine how, when and where you show up.

∿ Things aren’t always going to play out exactly how you want nor how you thought they would or should … but they will always happen how you need.

∿ Misalignments aren’t bad. If you heed the lessons, misalignments teach us more about ourselves, what we desire, don’t desire, need, don’t need and much more.

∿ Holding on to what you know you need to release and to what no longer feels good, keeps you stagnant and operating from a lower frequency.

∿ Access to you is a privilege, an honor. And you are allowed to revoke access when things no longer feel good or safe.
Beware of the people that want access to your energy by any means necessary. Places where you feel unsafe or where you don’t feel comfortable BEING fully and freely aren’t spaces for you. Not every space is for you. Not everyone is for you. That is okay. This does not make you any less worthy of taking of space.

∿ It’s okay to love someone, something, someplace, some feeling and let it and them go. We can love something and still remove its access to us.

∿ Your voice deserves to be heard. You are meant to be seen. To share your gifts with this world. 
So speak up. Create. Live out loud!

Everything we do is big and we get to celebrate it.

∿ Honor your journey and respect where other people are in theirs.
I’ve learned that apart of honoring yourself is respecting where other people are in their journeys and accepting when their paths no longer align with yours. Disconnection doesn’t mean there won’t be reconnection (if your boundaries are honored and/or simply if you choose/desire), so honor the ebbs and flows. Honoring this has allowed for me to invite more peace of mind into my life and has allowed me the ability to release taking other peoples journeys personally. It has also allowed me the opportunity to release guilt around disconnecting from relationships that no longer feel safe, good, desirable etc.

Sometimes paths will align. Sometimes they won’t. Some things ebb so they can return to flow. Some things ebb so we can learn to let them go. It’s just that simple.

∿ It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be real. It has to be authentic. It has to be in alignment.
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. And just because it’s perfect, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Use discernment.

∿ Rest.
You don’t have to rest to come back to something. You can and are allowed to just rest.

∿ Things aren’t good or bad. They just are.
When we stop judging everyone and everything, we get to experience more life.

Don’t let the fear of leveling up, stop you from doing so.
Fear has the ability to keep us stagnant or propel us forward. Which way we journey depends solely on us. 
So don’t sit in fear. Fly in faith.

∿ Honoring yourself looks like listening to what you need and then making a decision to prioritize it.

∿ Go where you are not only loved … but respected.
Go where your boundaries, feelings, individuality, creativity, thoughts, voice, beauty etc are honored and respected. Go where safety exists.

∿ Softness is strength.
We get to be soft.

∿ When we do less and be more, we are able to bare witness to Gods beauty, love and more sweet vibes.

The answers you seek are within. But you have to quiet your mind and allow Spirit to speak to and through you. 

∿ Get out of the habit of only manifesting tangible things.
Instead manifest, ask and pray for the ability to possess the qualities needed to support your wants and needs.

∿ What you nurture in your life is what blooms.

∿ Everyday is a recommittal.
Everyday we wake up and get to choose the life and day we desire to have. We recommit by our thoughts, words, actions and beliefs.

∿ Gratitude is the key.

Release the need and desire to do the most in order to receive the most. Return to the simplicity of it all. Find joy and solace in the “small” things. Do what feels GOOD. And when we do, know that that’s when what we desire and NEED will come to us.

∿ Beauty is everywhere because God is everywhere.

∿ Surrender. Be. Have faith and true trust that you are meant to be here. 

There you have it soul familia — I hope these reflections and insights resonated with you. May the journey into 2022 be filled with ease and peace. May 2022 bring you all that you desire, need and then some.

I love you!

Sky Britnei

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