Sweet Reminders To Journey With #1

April 24th marked the beginning of my Saturn return and with it came a flood of insights, reminders and downloads. No long intro, I just wanted to share some of the vibes that I’ve been journeying with.

May these find you when you need them.

Take what you need and breathe easy.

⎼ Sweet Reminders ⎼

▸ You are allowed to show up in whatever capacity you are able to. No one can or should be able to dictate how and when you show up.

▸ How you show up may not be in alignment with how someone or something may desire or need. That’s okay. Give yourself grace as you journey towards things, people and opportunities that you have space for — that have space for you.

▸ You can’t be everything for everybody. But you can be all that you need for yourself. Start there.

▸ Lean on Spirit.

▸ Lean on community.

▸ Be more intentional about you! Carve out and prioritize time to honor and cater to yourself. 

▸ Do more things solely for you. Things that aren’t tied to obligations, loved ones or a community. Find and explore what feels good to you and allow what feels good to guide you into more space and places of alignment.

▸ Stillness brings clarity.

▸ It’s okay to take time away from your passions and the people that you love. Especially to rest, recharge and rejuvenate.

▸ The intention doesn’t matter if the action was harmful.

▸ Rest.

▸ Rest doesn’t have to be looked at as “productive”. It can simply be rest. And you can simply do it. You don’t need to do anything to be worthy of it. You don’t have to force yourself out of it for the sake of attempting to check off another thing on your to-do list.

▸ Less aesthetic. More authentic.

▸ You get to disengage with things and/or people that don’t feel like soul nourishment.

▸ Journey towards and in spaces that feel like peace. That feel safe.

▸ Take time out to learn yourself.

▸ Honor your intuition by listening to it.

▸ Self awareness marks the beginning of the journey, not the end. What will you do with your awareness? This is what truly matters.

▸ It’s okay for the things that bring you peace, ease and joy to change. You are allowed to change.

▸ You are the only person that gets to determine what your journey could or should look like.

▸ The ego is not to be controlled, demonized and suppressed. The ego is to be protected, nurtured and overstood. Every part of us has its purpose and place in our story.

▸ Give yourself the same grace that you give to and desire from others.

▸ We are not our circumstances.

▸ Life gets to be good. If we decide to see it as such. To believe it as such. To live it as such.

▸ This doesn’t mean that misalignments don’t/won’t happen. But it does mean that we decide how long those misalignments weigh us down.

▸ Get outside. Go be in nature and allow Mama Gaia to fuel and heal you.

▸ Not everyone is a reflection of us. Some people are simply a projection of whatever it is they’re going/growing through. Don’t take it personal.

▸ Take time to recalibrate your energy.

▸ Breathe with more intention.

▸ When you widen your gaze you’ll realize that everything we’re doing in this present moment is a manifestation of our past. And is us manifesting our future. Are your current actions and lifestyle aligned with the life that you desire to live?

▸ Give the past version of yourself more grace. They’re the ones that got us here now.

▸ Just have more grace all around.

▸ The present moment is where peace and pleasure exist. Practicing being present allows for more opportunity to experience pleasure. To be fully immersed in it. To be an active participant. Be present.

▸ Practice discernment.

▸ Have more fun.

I hope these find you in ease.
May you be well and may life be gentle for you.


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