Affirmations To Support Your Mental Wellbeing

Happy May and Mental Health Awareness month! As you probably can tell, this blog post is a little bit over-do but that’s okay because I was taking care of my ✨Mental Health✨.

While our mental health should be at the forefront of our minds year round, I’m super grateful to have a month dedicated to expanding our knowledge, gaining understanding and intentionally catering to ourselves and loved ones. It’s a beauty and a dream to see black and brown folx discuss mental health without feeling less than, ‘crazy’ or alone.

To celebrate this month, I wanted to share some affirmations to help us all feel supported. Affirmations are often used to help us cope with life’s challenges and empower us to take control of our well-being. So, let’s get started.

Soul Care Tip ∙ Record yourself reciting these affirmations. Play them back each morning/before bed or whenever you need an extra boost of energy.

1. I love myself just as I am.

We currently live in a time where there are hundreds of guides, tips and tricks on how to become better versions of ourselves. But, self improvement can turn into self hatred very quickly if we are constantly focused on things we need to fix, change and improve about ourselves. Instead, try honoring who and where you are right now in this very moment. You are enough. And you don’t need to do or be anything to prove that.

2. I am so grateful for my life and all of its blessings. 

3. It is safe for me to exist in the fullness of my being.

4. I let go of the past, surrender concerns of the future and openly receive the experience of this present moment. 

When we let go of the past, it no longer has power over us.

5. I attract experiences that serve, support and align with my highest good. 

6. I am divinely supported in all that I do.

7. My life is filled with meaning, purpose and passion. 

8. I am allowed to show up when I have the capacity to, in the way that feels best for me. It is safe for me to do so.

9. How I feel matters and it is not a burden.

This is a sweet reminder to honor how you feel!

10. I am worthy of having healthy relationships.

Sometimes unhealthy relationships cause people to develop anxiety, depression, or an overall sense of pessimism and self-destructive behaviors. Evaluate the relationships you’re in. Do any of them feel wrong to you? Are you unhappy when you’re spending time with or communicating with a particular person? Is anyone treating you poorly? These are all signs that the relationship you’re in might not be a healthy one.

11. I no longer allow fear to hold me back.

Instead, allow it to guide you into taking a leap of faith!

12. I am confident in my talents, strengths, gifts and abilities.

13. I believe in and have faith in myself.

14. I deserve to experience good things. I deserve gentleness and ease. I deserve happiness and peace.

15. I get to have a soft life.

16. I honor my needs on a daily.

17. I trust that all is well. I trust that everything is happening for my highest good.

18. I am worthy of love.

19. I take the time needed to take care of my mind, body and Spirit.

Remember that words are spells, sweet soul. Words are magick that we speak over ourselves. May these affirmations bring you back to state of equilibrium when you’re feeling down and hype you up when you need an energy boost!

Repeat these affirmations as often as needed and watch as your mental well being improves.

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