Saturn Entering Pisces + Virgo Full Moon | Energy Report

March 7th marks major cosmic vibes as we have the last full moon of the astrological new year as well as Saturn entering Pisces and staying there until 2026.

I felt called to pull some cards today and share some of the guidance I’ve been receiving from Spirit, so let’s tap in.

🎴- Starcodes Astro Oracle, The Sacred Self Care Oracle, Soulful Women Affirmation Deck, Green Witch Oracle
(all decks can be found in my Amazon Shop)

The astro oracle shows us Retrograde, Twelfth House and Leo
Green Witch shows us, Clarity/Carrot
Self care shows us Hydrate
Affirmation Deck shows us Uniquely Myself

I’ve been pulling Leo for myself for weeks now, so to see it show up in a collective reading brings joy to my heart because Leo shows up to remind us that we get to SHINE. It reminds us that we get to prioritize what sets our hearts on fire. Leo says it’s time for YOU to be the center of attention. To be seen, to be heard and to express your most authentic truths — courageously, boldly and out loud. Leo energy is ruled by the heart and solar plexus chakras. These energy centers rule vitality and connection, love and self worth. Move from your heart space and do so with passion, playfulness and joy.

The Virgo Full Moon does bring a clearing out before we start the Nu Year. It does bring practicality, organization, decluttering and introspection. We are being asked to take a look at the inner workings of our lives. To get deep. Physically and spiritually.

This is the time to reflect. And know that we get to reflect on not only the things that aren’t working but we also get to lean into the things that are. We get to lean into what feels like soul nourishment and we get to choose to prioritize those things while also doing away with that things that aren’t nourishing us. We can reflect on the past without getting stuck there. We also see this within our Clarity card (from the Green Witch Oracle). Through reflection and introspection comes more clarity. And as scary as it is to start anew, to release and remove; you gotta trust in the space clearly. You gotta trust in what’s coming next. This cards is also connected to Virgo! The synchronicities speak for themselves, to be honest.

There’s also a message here about duality. A reminder that as above, so below. A reminder that what exists in the physical form also exists within the spiritual realm.

There’s a reminder here about honoring your individual path and solitude while also allowing yourself to be apart of community and pull from the collective consciousness. This reminder speaks to us living authentically in our purpose and on our path while also honoring the communities that we have built bonds with. Community check — do you feel nourished in the spaces that you call home/love/friendship?

The Twelfth House is ruled by Pisces; so to receive this card during Pisces Szn as Saturn is moving into Pisces feels like this message is right on time! The twelfth house also rules the unseen, our dreamworld, secrets, intuition and all things that have to deal with the subconscious mind. Take notice of what’s happening deep within and take notice of how it presents. With Pisces energy, its reallllly easy to almost get lost in our subconscious; in our illusions and dreamworld. So, you can benefit from Virgo’s Full Moon energy of reflection and practicality while also utilizing Leos energy that calls us to be present in the NOW even as we journey inward.

From the self care oracle, I pulled Hydrate and again … the synchronicities speak for themselves. Pisces is a water sign and full moons are symbolic of release. It is imperative to stay hydrated and in flow during this time. So many downloads, revelations and insights will be making themselves present and known to you, so you want to make sure that you are honoring your physical vessel by keeping is CLEAR and nourished so that you can truly receive the messages you need from Spirit.

Water is also a beautiful way to CLEANSE. So, this may be the perfect time for you to create a baño (spiritual bath) to help you with releasing blockages of any sort while also calling in clarity.

Last but not least to tie this message together, the affirmation today is “I trust that who I am is perfect for my unique journey and soul path.”


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