Spring Equinox + Cosmic Nu Year | Collective Reading

Happy Nu Year, soul fam! How are y’all feeling?!?! This renewed energy has me feeling so free and blissful. So, I felt called to do a reading for the collective.

Before we get started, here is a sweet prayer from me to you as you journey into this new year šŸŒø

šŸ’ ā€˜š‘»š’Šš’” š’•š’‰š’† š’”š’†š’‚š’”š’š’ š’‡š’š’“ š’ƒš’š’š’š’Žš’Šš’š’ˆ. And may you do you just that this year. May you bloom; expanding and unfolding deeper into your souls essence and purpose. And may that unfolding and blossoming be easeful, fruitful and ohhh sooo prosperous. May it fill your heart with more love and more joy and may you use that energy to create more, to BE more, to LIVE more. May you bloom. May you bloom.

Now let’s get into this reading:

This reading sends us reminders that everything is unfolding in our favor, so long as we trust that and plant the seeds to allow it. As we transition into this new year, we are being reminded to set boundaries that protect us from old habits that may try to exist in the new timeline that we’ve worked so hard to lean into/create.

Lemurian Quartz reminds us that patience is required as the unfolding continues to take place. Allow yourself to be your main priority; to be the main character in your story. Tap into what YOUR desires, dreams and goals are. Lean deeply into that and allow that to guide you.

This reminder of self prioritization also comes through in the Hematite card (ground yourself) and Moonstone (live your purpose). This “grounding” is about staying connected to self .. in the present moments, in all moments really. It’s about staying connected to who you are in the fullness of your being. Aries season is the season of self, of action and initiation and we see that in the Aries card literally being pulled.

Aries are about action and passion. They don’t think twice. They move and go where their heart calls them too. Spirit asks that you invite more of THIS energy into your life this season. Flow and go with your hearts truest desires. Trust in all the plans that you’ve made. Trust in the messages you’ve received from Spirit. Trust that you are supported. Guided. Taken care of and provided for. Trust in the guidance. In yourself. In your path. AND THEN START. TAKE ACTION. This is the season of planting. Of rebirthing. The beginning of something new.

Tenth House (ruled by Capricorn) is the house of success, life work, and social status. And this is Spirit letting us know even more that it is time to stand firmly IN WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DESIRE TO DO. Allow yourself to be a master at your craft. Allow your essence to shine fully in whatever it is that you desire to start. Allow it to unfold and expand. Make safe for your evolution and expansion and growth and transformation. Make space for who you are becoming. Get comfortable with people looking to you as a source of inspiration, as a guide. Give yourself permission to EMERGE.

May you emerge this season, mi amor.

In ease,

Sky Britnei

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