A Vibe By Sky Britnei, CEO of DE LA JIPI


2019-09-26 16_25_17.377

About me’s have never been my forte so I’ll keep this short.

I am a holistic wellness and energy practitioner based in Brooklyn, NY. I own 2 businesses, DE LA JIPI and The Hippie Aesthetic. The former is all about holistic health, wellness and spiritual ascension. The latter is intentionally curated pieces ⎯ I’d love for you to check those out!

I started this blog yearsssss ago in hopes of reaching and connecting with other influencers. I posted D.I.Y’s, lifestyle, health posts and everything in between. But between undergrad, my 9-5 and running a business, my blog became … last priority.

So, here we go again! This time around, this blog will be dedicated to more intentional posts; i.e posts relating to skin care, crystal healing, traveling, mental health ⎯ things that I am actually passionate about and well, I hope you’re down for the ride.

In light,




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