About Sky Britnei

Hey sweet soul – Sky Britnei, owner of DE LA JIPI Apothecary and Elements of a Hippie blog, here …

I started this blog years ago in hopes of building a safe community around self care, beauty and wellness. But between undergrad, working a 9-5 and running a business, this blog became last priority -unfortunately. However, my desire to build community remained. So, here we are again!

This time around this blog will serve as a safe space to discuss all things spiritual and holistic wellness as well as fusing lifestyle, travel, personal insights and whatever else comes to mind. In addition, you’ll be able to learn more about my business, how to use the products I create and how to get started on your healing journey! I hope you enjoy.

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MORE ABOUT Myself AND WHAT i offer

I Create Spiritual Wellness Products To Help You Amplify The Magick, Art + Divinity Within

From holistic bath and body products, to healing crystal jewelry, intuitively made oils and tea blends, my goals to help amplify your wellness/healing journey with hand crafted and blessed products and services. Check out my apothecary by clicking here.

I Have A

More soon

I Offer Energy Healing Services

From sound healing sessions to crystal consultations, I offer virtual sessions to help you connect to the divinity and peace within. Click here to book me.

I Create Safe Spaces & Community

Community is a huge part of why I do what I do. Making sure that people feel safe, seen, heard and supported. I’ve created events to celebrate Juneteenth as well as to honor the Feminine Divine New Year and there’s only more experiences to be had. Click here to watch a recap of Crystal High, an event fusing crystal healing, body butter making and intentional cannabis use.

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Let’s make something together.

1 Comment

  1. greetings lovely,

    I really admire your posts and thoughts! Your passion truly shows and it resonated with me so much. Like you, I love to help people be their best version of themselves!

    How do I get featured on it ??!! I had a shop in Los Angeles that was doing so well, but I had to shut it down because of Covid 😦 and now I’m learning how to be more online. That’s why I admire what you have done. I am an organic cosmetic chemist, a beauty professional by trade, and a passionate make-up artist. Maybe you can relate with me.
    What are the possibilities, and what are the chances that you can MAYBE feature my products and we can help each other out?

    We are vegan and cruelty-free backed by science. But most importantly, we use a rare ingredient from TREE RESINS that has resulted in miraculous results! We are one of the FIRST to incorporate this powerful new “super ingredient” in skincare.

    I KNOW you’ll love my products and hopefully you’ll be open to sharing our story with your loyal community. We can help a lot of people together!

    Thank you so much for reading my message, and I hope to hear from you soon!

    … you can read all about it on my website http://www.championebymileva.com
    IG @championebymileva.

    Best wishes


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