Read Me [Now]πŸ“š! βˆ™ Books To Help You Ascend On Your Spiritual Journey

Whether you be a newbie or someone a bit more seasoned, reading is [fun]damental (see what I did there, lol) and a big part of gaining overstanding and perspective – especially as it relates to something as important as spirituality. So no long intro, let’s dive right in. What are some books that are goodContinue reading “Read Me [Now]πŸ“š! βˆ™ Books To Help You Ascend On Your Spiritual Journey”

πŸ’«What Does [Wellness] Mean & Look Like To You? πŸ’«

There’s nothing like women of color showing up and holding space for one another. In a society that wasn’t built for us, it is a blessing to be living in a time where solidarity between women of color is at an all time high. While there’s more growth to be made, it’s safe to sayContinue reading “πŸ’«What Does [Wellness] Mean & Look Like To You? πŸ’«”

Six Ways To πŸ’«[Take Care]πŸ’« of Yourself During The Corona Virus Outbreak!

With the concern growing around the #coronavirus, it is important that we all take a moment to tune in and figure out ways that we can protect ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Here I have compiled a short list for you on ✨ SIX WAYS THAT YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF DURING THE OUTBREAK. ✨Continue reading “Six Ways To πŸ’«[Take Care]πŸ’« of Yourself During The Corona Virus Outbreak!”


It is beauty, love — art, that dresses not only your body but your mind and soul. When I created DE LA JIPI, I knew that I wanted my jewels, skin care, oils etc to serve as more than just pretty pieces and smell good items. I wanted them to have meaning – to beContinue reading “✨ What Is A [SACRED BODY ADORNMENT]? βœ¨”

Crystal High Workshop [January 25th 2020]

On January 25th, 2020, I held my first workshop. Holding space for black and brown women is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Especially as someone who has long been navigating what it means to built sisterhood, friendships and as someone who didn’t always feel like there was aContinue reading “Crystal High Workshop [January 25th 2020]”

Burning Sage πŸ’¨ [How To Smudge Properly And With Intention]

Burning sage β€” also known as smudging β€” is an ancient spiritual ritual.Β The practice of burning sage is sacred in many Indigenous communities and deserves to be respected. It’s something we should always do with intention, reverence, and deep gratitude to those who did it before us. Smudging has long been used to connect toContinue reading “Burning Sage πŸ’¨ [How To Smudge Properly And With Intention]”

A Self Love Ritual β™‘

What Does a Self Love Ritual Look Like? Our highest state is love, and it all begins with ourselves.Β  When we love ourselves, love comes to us with ease. When we respect ourselves, we set a precedent for how others will treat and respect us. And those that we are not meant to be nearContinue reading “A Self Love Ritual β™‘”


There’s beauty in a product that can be used in more ways than oneβ€”which is the case with most of DE LA JIPI products, might I add. For example, the Aura Myst can be used in at least 5 different ways. The Aura Myst is a magical blend of homemade distilled water that is thenContinue reading “5 WAYS TO USE DE LA JIPI AURA MYSTS”

One more reflection before moving on …

I’ve thought about 2018, a lot. I guess I keep going back to it because there were so many lessons that I learned during the latter part of the year. As I’ve written about before, one major lesson I learned is that words truly mean everything. So with that I say, 2018 was the yearContinue reading “One more reflection before moving on …”