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Diving In

As 2018 came to an end, I did a lot of reflection and had many moments of solitude. Those moments brought me back to self and to center. I did … Continue reading

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To Reflect On This Year

Would mean to look back at all that was … and wasn’t. Words are so powerful and I have been speaking what I perceived as horridness this year into existence. … Continue reading

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An Ode To Sisterhood

Journeying through entrepreneurship has been the most stressful and rewarding thing that I’ve done thus far. Networking, collaborating, finally participating in pop ups -all in the name of ¬†building my … Continue reading

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October 1st means …

It’s breast cancer awareness month! Since I last blogged so much has happened -which I’ll probably do an extensive post about later. But for now, I have some pretty exciting … Continue reading

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the passion (and purpose) behind it all

saturday, 8:24 a.m i’m up. tea to the right of me. book to the left. pen tucked behind my ear. most importantly, phone out of sight. i’m present. my passion … Continue reading

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what does living a soft + strong life mean to you? look like to you?

I’ve realized that I’m not ready to be consistent with my blogging again and I’ve become okay with that. Nevertheless, I saw this writing prompt (the title) on instagram from … Continue reading

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2017 Take Aways

It’s been a while and that’s an under statement. I had/ have to figure things out and I needed a break. Around the end of October, I felt myself falling … Continue reading

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things i’ve learned about love

not all love is a forever love it is okay to start over in love love starts with me love is all around me there are flaws in love, but … Continue reading

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20 inspiring quotes from paulo coelho

Keep reading to be inspired by the writer who helped shape my spiritual journey.

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what makes you feel free?

the moon. the stars. being on tropical islands while the wind blows through my hair. sand. the ocean. the sound of the waves. poetry. yoga. yoga on the beach. vibing … Continue reading

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