20 inspiring quotes from paulo coelho

Keep reading to be inspired by the writer who helped shape my spiritual journey.

what makes you feel free?

the moon. the stars. being on tropical islands while the wind blows through my hair. sand. the ocean. the sound of the waves. poetry. yoga. yoga on the beach. vibing out during summer nights. candles. candles lit while reading poetry. candles lit while doing yoga. activating crystals. laughing. like, genuine laughter. crying after having held … Continue reading what makes you feel free?

how i journal

I'm always looking for new ways to self help, love and meditate. I think that it's super important to take time for yourself (at least) once a week to really just be and indulge in all things¬†therapeutic¬†for you. I've always loved to write and document my feelings .. so when I started to come across … Continue reading how i journal