💫What Does [Wellness] Mean & Look Like To You? 💫

There’s nothing like women of color showing up and holding space for one another. In a society that wasn’t built for us, it is a blessing to be living in a time where solidarity between women of color is at an all time high. While there’s more growth to be made, it’s safe to sayContinue reading “💫What Does [Wellness] Mean & Look Like To You? 💫”

Crystal High Workshop [January 25th 2020]

On January 25th, 2020, I held my first workshop. Holding space for black and brown women is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Especially as someone who has long been navigating what it means to built sisterhood, friendships and as someone who didn’t always feel like there was aContinue reading “Crystal High Workshop [January 25th 2020]”

One more reflection before moving on …

I’ve thought about 2018, a lot. I guess I keep going back to it because there were so many lessons that I learned during the latter part of the year. As I’ve written about before, one major lesson I learned is that words truly mean everything. So with that I say, 2018 was the yearContinue reading “One more reflection before moving on …”

things i’ve learned about self-care

it’s needed it’s important it’s essential to growth it comes in different forms it is different for each of us -as long as it’s positive music makes me happy especially bob marley and lauryn hill journaling also makes me very happy and so does sipping wine self affirmations help increase your self esteem self care isContinue reading “things i’ve learned about self-care”

Back For the New Year?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Mental health is such an important part of getting your life together and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing -checking in with myself and my mental health. I don’t know where to start but the past couple of weeks were about me taking the initial steps to re-finding myself and myContinue reading “Back For the New Year?”

How To Get Your Life When You Feel Lost

I’m been away from my blogging safe haven for a while and during that time I had a breakdown, an epiphany, felt lost and confused .. and ultimately got back up and began to re-find myself.

Along My Spiritual Journey: The Beginning

A few months before my 21st birthday I think I had an epiphany. I kind of fell … into myself. Let me explain. I have always felt like the odd one out. Externally, I was happy and just like everyone else. Internally, I knew I was different. I pretended to enjoy the same things thatContinue reading “Along My Spiritual Journey: The Beginning”

Outfit Diaries| July 4th Weekend

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Then There Was Puerto Rico …

It’s been exactly a week since I got back from my two week vacation. The second (and sadly) last stop on my trip was San Juan, Puerto Rico. Let me just start by saying that Puerto Rico was BEAUTIFUL. Anyways, my friends and I headed out Thursday afternoon (a day before Frenchies birthday). The rideContinue reading “Then There Was Puerto Rico …”