I took a leap …

and I bet on myself. For a while, I distanced myself from others, sat back and contemplated some things that I have really always thought of doing but couldn’t find the courage to do. For months and months, I retreated to this little shell writing down ideas on top of ideas that my mind was constantly swirling around.


So, I started to purchase some things.

Started to make some things.

Started to have faith in myself and my creative process.

With that being said, I decided to start my own website on Etsy.

I decided to name my online store at Etsy: CielosHippieShop – sticking to the theme right, lol. I then decided that my actual collection should have a different name (you know something more unique and catchy). So my actual collection is called DeLaJipi Collection!

Man, I’m excited. If you haven’t seen the site you’re probably wondering what I’m selling. For now, I have jewelry but more is coming and it is coming VERY soon. My mind is working on overload and I am really trying to handle one idea at a time. I’ve already started working on canvases and I do have a pair of bleached jeans on the website as well.

Taking this leap has definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities and well to believing in myself – and trust me that is still a struggle but I’m working on it.

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I’m going to post some pics down below – check them out and don’t forget to visit my website!


xoxo Cielo.

I Dipped My Toes In The Pacific Ocean … on the Coast of Panama …

although, I don’t like the ocean too much. Go figure, right?

DSC_1570Needless to say, it was a short vacation but a much much much needed one. A time that I got to relax, have some quality time with myself and soak in the environment of somewhere other than the busy life of New York City. Let’s just say, I miss Panama.

My best friend and I stayed at the RIU Playa Blanca Hotel in Provincia de Cocle in Panama. We arrived June 18th at Tocumen DSC_1455Airport and because we didn’t have a shuttle bus awaiting our arrival, the taxi to the hotel was 100 dollars (which for two broke college students was very expensive). However, I’ll say that the inexperience of traveling is why this happened. Next time, I’ll definitely research the actual location of the hotel in reference to the airport and definitely get shuttle bus service lol.

When we got to the hotel we noticed that it was very secluded. It was a bit disheartening because we did want to go out an explore the city. However, after a day or two we started to enjoy the seclusion because it gave us time to just be. (Next time though, we plan to stay in the city! lol). Actually, if you are going with a significant other or a big group/family, I think you might appreciate the seclusion. So for location I would give this hotel 3.5/5 stars.

Needless to say, the hotel was very nice. The best part for me was the staff and entertainment crew, they were very sweet (although their English, accompanied by our Spanish was a fail) and they made us feel very welcomed. I would give them 5/5 stars.

DSC_1445And the entertainment ! Was just GREAT! They had a show every night and the dancers were the sweetest people ever. (From left to right, Noel, Justine(my best friend) and George) Noel and George were our favorites. George is my new best friend and I don’t think he knows it. They had dancing, karaoke and friendly competitions DSC_1672that involved the crowd. It was great. Entertainment would absolutely be a 5/5 stars and they had entertainment for children as well.

What left me disappointed, however was the lack of authenticity of the food. I’ve stayed at RIU Negril in Jamaica and had the same reaction in regards to the food but the disappointment still occurred this time around. The hotel really didn’t cater to the natives of Panama and didn’t offer any real Panamanian food to those who came to experience the culture … I mean where were the Carimanolas, the Hojaldras .. the Arroz con Pollo. I’ll tell you one thing .. they weren’t there. Lol. Food was a solid 2/5 stars. My friend and I literally had to take a taxi to the nearest town just to get some authentic Pana food.

Despite that one mishap, I had a blast. I spent most of my time by the pool, enjoying the drinks and thinking to myself “Yupp, I need to learn Spanish”. Lol. Anyways, this trip was amazing and I’m already planning my next one.

Here are some pics from my vacation! DSC_1395 DSC_1456 DSC_1478 DSC_1486 DSC_1488   DSC_1537 DSC_1642 DSC_1590 DSC_1607DSC_1543

xoxo Cielo.

Fashion? Me? Maybe!

I have yet to write a post pertaining to fashion and I decided that today would be the day. I don’t want to toot my own horn but I have been told that I may have a knack for fashion. Trust me, I am by no means a stylist or fashion forward. However, I do enjoy expanding my creativity through fashion, gaining inspiration from different people who have different styles and having fun with dressing up. I don’t own one particular style and I quite often mix a few styles together.

If I had to chose a style, it would probably be a mix between BohoCasualUrbanChic. I literally just go with the flow, pull things out my closet and manage to make it all come together. I hope that through these fashion inspired posts that you will also be able to do the same.

With that being said I wanted to share with you guys a few people who I very often take fashion inspiration from:

  1.  Rihanna. Because honestly, what would a fashion inspiration list be without RiRi. She’s bold, different, has many different elements to her fashion and well she very seldom cares what anyone has to say.

    riririri2   riri3riri4

  2. Vanessa Hudgens. I like her style because I think she embodies the Bohemian style extremely well. The Bohemian style has always been among my top favorites and a lot of my outfits are inspired by her relaxed cool vibe.PicturePub.Netvh2


  3. Nicole Richie .. another fashion forward celebrity that embodies the Bohemian Chic look very effortlessly. It always seems as though she didn’t try too hard but it stills looks flawless.
  4. Frantzceska Cheron. A college student at Pace University who has always been one of my fashion icons. If anyone has a knack for fashion, it would be her. Her ability to spice about any outfit always impresses me.

These are just a few of my fashion inspirations. However, I take inspiration from just about anyone. Fashion (to me) isn’t just about looking the best, or being trendy. It’s about having fun, trying new things and feeling great about yourself. So … Get inspired. Get creative. Most importantly have fun.

xoxo Cielo.

The End of The Rainbow is Here + D.I.Y Colored Braids

The time has come !

Image result for sad face
My era of rainbow braids has come to a close. Lol.

About a week ago I took out my braids .. because well graduation is around the corner and rainbow colored hair at graduation isn’t the most presentable thing.

Here’s my last few days with my braids. 😦

DSC_0623 DSC_0622

This was the day that I took them out.
Lol: I had on a face mask , don’t mind me.

DSC_0675 DSC_0674

With all of that being said I had so many inquires about how I did my hair, the colors I used, styles, process etc. However, the most common questions were in regards to how I got the colors .. especially from the people that saw my previous blue braids. othercut3


So I decided to show you guys.

 D.I.Y Colored Braids

My mother wanted to try something new for her birthday, so I decided to use this opportunity to show you guys how to achieve your own colored braids. So, for those of you that would like to color your braids; whether it be because you haven’t found the color you are looking for, the pigment of the color you are looking for, or because you want to get really creative this is for you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

DSC_0682 DSC_0683
1) 100 % Kanekaleon Braiding Hair or Marley Hair (I would say to use the color 613 because the color will come out more pigmented, although I have seen people use black hair)
2) Semi-permanent hair rinse in the color you desire – I use the brand ADORE .. although I have heard good reviews about Manic Panic
3) 1 to 4 bottles of alcohol – depending on how much hair you plan to dye.
4) A bowl – preferably one that you don’t use often
5) A Spray Bottle
6) Gloves
7) A glass of wine (if you’re feeling fancy)

1) Put the rinse(s) you want to use in a bowl with alcohol. If you have multiple colors that you want to use, you will need more than one bowl. You will need at least a half bottle of alcohol. Put as much rinse as you find according into the bowl but keep in mind that the color will eventually come out lighter than the mixture (so if you are looking for a darker color .. put more rinse and less alcohol). Mixed that concoction around and then let it sit for at least 10 minutes.

2) While the mixture is setting, take the hair out of the packaging and separate it according to how you want to dye your hair.

3) Put that mixture into a spray bottle and begin to spray the color onto whatever part of the hair that you like.
Unfortunately for me, my spray bottle sucked .. so I ended up pouring my mixture back into my bowl and dipping the hair in that way. You could decide to do it this way but keep in mind that this way is a bit messier, and you won’t be able to maneuver the color as well as you would if the mixture was in the spray bottle.

DSC_0684 DSC_0686  DSC_0688 DSC_0689
My mother wanted 3  types of color combos as you will see below.
4) Be happy because that’s it. Now it’s time to let it dry.

The downside to this is that is takes a while to dry. So please don’t try to do this the day before you plan to get your hair done. Give it at least 2 days.

My mother only put the color in the back portion of her head, but here is the final result:

mommy braidsmommy braids two

If you’re looking for a way to be more creative and try something different for the summer, I definitely suggest giving this a try. It’s fun, easy and trust me you’ll get a lot of compliments. Hope you enjoyed this D.I.Y

xoxo Cielo.