How To Get Your Life When You Feel Lost

I'm been away from my blogging safe haven for a while and during that time I had a breakdown, an epiphany, felt lost and confused .. and ultimately got back up and began to re-find myself.

Yummy Yummy Yummly!

You guys have been with me as I've started to eat healthy and just really dive into a healthy lifestyle. One problem that I face with this is that sometimes I get so bored because (to me) it seems like the choices I have (to eat) are limited. I mean, I really don't eat dairy … Continue reading Yummy Yummy Yummly!

The Parasite Update …

During my two weeks of solitude, I began (and completed) my first try at the parasite cleanse. I didn't use all the methods but I did use the Papaya seeds for 5 days eat garlic - maybe not 3 times a day but still this was my first time ! coconut oil and carrots Along … Continue reading The Parasite Update …

The Parasite Cleanse

The health section of my blog has definitely been neglected - but with good reason! I didn't want to put out posts and information if I wasn't following it myself. That wouldn't be fair to the readers of my blog or to me. Over the past few weeks, I definitely have made some changes to … Continue reading The Parasite Cleanse