things i’ve learned about self-care

  • it’s needed
  • it’s important
  • it’s essential to growth
  • it comes in different forms
  • it is different for each of us -as long as it’s positive
  • music makes me happy
    • especially bob marley and lauryn hill
  • journaling also makes me very happy
  • and so does sipping wine
  • self affirmations help increase your self esteem
  • self care is how you begin to fall in love with yourself
  • it is how you begin to build positive and uplifting relationships
  • self care is knowing that you are worthy of more than just the bare minimum and expecting nothing less than the best
  • self care is honesty to self
  • it’s putting your happiness first and foremost
  • but not forgetting about the people that you love
  • its spending quality time with yourself and not feeling lonely
  • self care is helping yourself
  • self care is waking up every morning and deciding that you have a purpose
  • self care = self love

snow daze

Happy February beautiful souls! I’m a few (well, more than a few) days late for the start of the new month but that’s okay -better late than never, right?

Here in New York, we’re having a pretty intense snow day. Schools are cancelled, work (for some) is too and everyone is pretty much cuddled up, watching Netflix, eating ice cream and drinking wine.

If you’re like me and have approximately 0 baes then this day can/might be a drag for you. I allllllmost found myself feeling kind of down about that. Then (as always), I snapped out of it and decided to use this day as a day of self-care and self love. So I thought it would be pretty cool to give you guys a little insight on how my day has panned out thus far.

My day started pretty early (around 8:30 am). As per usual, I woke up and checked social media (a bad habit, that must be stopped in 2017). Then I did a quick 15 minute yoga session before heading to the supermarket (with my mommy) to gather some things for my day/night in.

On the way to the supermarket, I decided that I would do a little home cooking -since I haven’t reallllllyyyy chef’ed it up in a while. (Btw, I love Bitmojis)


After searching through a few recipes, I decided on a Vegan Alfredo Pasta and Salmon with a caramelized sauce. I threwwww down, okay!

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After relaxing and enjoying my meal  (and netflix) … I took a nap. Lol. Butttttt, when I woke up, I hopped in the shower, washed my hair .. got real sneaky clean. I lathered myself in some soft body butter (shameless plug coming up .. now – which is available at SKYBRITNEI) and I turned on some good music, lit some candles and meditated whilst repeating positive self affirmations.

Whenever I’m taking the time to just BE, my music choice is always Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill and India Arie (among a few other artists). As for the candles, I have really been into soy candles lately and I have been loving the scent of Lavender & Vanilla (mixed). These two combined, made it extremely easy for me to relax and enjoy the tranquility and stillness of my afternoon.

Winding down, I indulged in a bit of journaling via my #ANote2Self Meditation Journal by Alex Elle. I also read a few pages of my WordsOF Gratitude book.  These are just some things that help me center myself and gain some peace of mind.

After centering my thoughts and emotions .. here comes a little bit of the ratchet. I heard via Twitter that VH1 was replaying old episodes of Flavor of Love! And I had to indulge for a little while -I couldn’t help it lol.

Sidenote| Can we discuss WHY Trey Songz is doing a dating show? Why? Why? & Why? Lol.

Anyways – then, I thought to myself ‘people are always inquiring about my self love methods’ and without me realizing today was all about self love and being okay with solitude soooo, I decided to write this for you guys. A nice drink sitting next to me and Bob playing in the background .. now is where I’ll sign off to enjoy the rest of my night.

Keep in mind that self love is more than just what I do. It is different for each person. The only thing that should be transitional in self love is that it IS INDEED self love and is built on positivity.

Be well guys and always practice self love -everyday!


Btw – as I was fixing up my site, I realized that I have over 2,000 followers. I don’t know when that happened but I am extremely grateful to all of you. I appreciate it more than you  know! Besitosss mis amores!

Back For the New Year?

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Mental health is such an important part of getting your life together and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing -checking in with myself and my mental health.

I don’t know where to start but the past couple of weeks were about me taking the initial steps to re-finding myself and my sanity.

You see, people always think they know you. They see smiles and laughs and upbeat/inspirational social media posts and without inquiring what you’re going through or seeing how you’re doing, they make comments and assumptions that have no standing ground.

With that being said, I laughed, smiled and inspired my way through a huge part of 2016. I was blessed to be surrounded by love and happiness. My spiritual journey hit new and beautiful heights. I TRAVELED! But man the last few weeks of the year (internally – although I had many good days surrounded by loved ones), I was facing some personal battles. And those battles left me feeling like my mental health was in jeopardy. So much so, that I dropped everything and took a short trip to Jamaica with my god sister during the first week on 2017.

So as you can see I’ve been taking some time to get my mind right. Lots of yoga, lots of meditation, lots of time to myself. Reflection. Realignment. Revamp. Redo. Reposition. Lol, the works!

Although I’m all for taking time out to regroup, reconnect with oneself etc .. I’m also ready to get back to the things I love. I’m ready to get back to branding myself, writing, blogging and being a free spirit. A fresh new start .. doing the things I love. I’m ready to reclaim my positive nature. I’m ready to unburden myself of these battles and get my mental health on good standing ground.

So, while my posting may not be as frequent as it was in the past .. I do ask my lovely followers to bare with me on my journey as I realign myself and slowly but surely fall back into place.

To end of this coming of age blog post (lol) I want to invite my readers to check out my brand new website. is something that I have been working on during my hiatus. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a VERY long time, but didn’t know how to bring it to life. It’s something that has definitely put a bit of sunshine in my heart. 

I hope you like it.



How To Get Your Life When You Feel Lost

I. Am. Still. Trying. To. Figure. It. Out.

Everyday is a challenge.

No, seriously.

A multitude of things has happened during my time away from my blogging safe haven. I am finishing up the final touches of redecorating my room. My heart was broken. I booked a vacation rental to Costa Rica for my 23rd birthday. My heart was broken again lol. I lost my voice. I stopped writing. I began to feel very uninspired. I re-found my voice. I wrote. A lot. I realigned my goals. My laptop broke – which ultimately stopped me from blogging to you all about all the things that I’ve been dealing with. I got a new laptop. I started to revisit the world of dating -yass honey! I started my natural body butters. I’ve been learning and experimenting with new jewelry designs and finding ways to better myself and my craft. I tried being vegan for a week. I realized that I can only be vegan for a week and the pescatarian lifestyle is for me lol. I also realized that my working environment isn’t one that makes me happy. Realized that a part of the reason that it is so hard to steadily be happy and journey on towards peace is because I am surrounded by more negative things, people and places than I thought. I realized that I need to separate myself from those things now more than ever for the sake of my mental health, clarity and continuous path to self love. Oh, I need a new job guys. This is FACTS. I’m actively looking. However, I also realized that my true goal is to work for myself. Aside from that, I also had to remind myself that even during my times of doubt and frustration that I am an extraordinary, exceptional, brilliant and beautiful human being. So for the time I was away ….. I laughed, I cried, I learned … and realized that I am a confused, beautiful but … seriously a confused mess and I need to get my life.

Yes, you read that long ass paragraph only for it to end with “I’m confused”. I am lost in translation. Swept up in thoughts of how to make myself a better person than I was yesterday and caught between making those around me happy, helping out where I can and perfecting my craft and writing and re-finding my voice and just wanting some plain old love and attention!

If the title has compelled you to read this then you’re probably waiting for the part where I give a list of proper advice about how to get ya life! Listen, this is one time where I am just as lost as you. No proper advice over here just the beginning phases of life getting that I went through, lol.

During my time away I learned that the best way to start is to identify the problem. The source of stress. Source of sadness, hindrance, confusion etc. For me, that was identifying that I felt stuck, stagnant and complacent.

Then I stopped in my tracks and thought about why I felt this way. I’ve been out of college for over a year now. I don’t have a job in my field. I gave up a year of my life to help out someone who doesn’t seem to appreciate it. My business has been open for a year and I feel like it should be bigger than it is (while I do know these things take patience, time, hard work and dedication). A relationship that I thought was going to flourish in every sense of the word … failed. I couldn’t hold on to money. Felt like important people in my life weren’t matching the effort in which I give them (this still holds true but this is for another post lol). Oh man, and so much more.

I cried. Then I cried some more. I let out a rage of emotions.

Then I snapped out of it.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, it won’t surprise you that I then made a list.

I made a list of goals. Then I prioritized them. Then I made a list of how to accomplish them. I made a list of my feelings. Then I made a list of how to work through each one.

I consoled myself. Because at 2 a.m when you feel like the world is crashing down on you and there’s no one you can call .. you’re all you have. And even when you feel like you deserve more than that or you don’t feel like that’s not enough … YOU HAVE TO BE ENOUGH FOR YOU. No matter what.

I revisited yoga and different breathing practices. Because during this time, I stopped and I could feel the tension rising within me.

I prayed. I’m not religious in any sense of the word but I believe in a higher power and I find solace in talking to that being.

I woke up one morning and I decided that I could no longer let my feelings of complacency stop me from being motivated and taking charge of my life.

I woke up that same morning grateful that I have been given another chance to make things right & to be my best self.

I applied to jobs. I read a little. Put on a face mask. Laughed. Facetimed bae and told myself that the following days would be different.

I spoke my goals into existence and I have been doing it since that morning.

Then I smiled because the only place to go from here is up. There will be a few more bad patches along the way -I know. There will be more times, when I’m feeling less grateful and less blissful, more discouraged, more frustrated but I know that I will overcome it. As I stated before, I am an extraordinary, beautiful, intelligent, confused mess and I realized if it wasn’t so, I wouldn’t be me and I couldn’t and wouldn’t have it any other way.

& CHECK .. there you have it, in the midst of all things confusing, ya girl has begun to get her life.


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Daily Reminder #2

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Along My Spiritual Journey: The Beginning

A few months before my 21st birthday I think I had an epiphany. I kind of fell … into myself. Let me explain.

I have always felt like the odd one out. Externally, I was happy and just like everyone else. Internally, I knew I was different. I pretended to enjoy the same things that everyone else did. I pretended that my beliefs were the same as theirs. I pretended that I cared about the same things. I knew I didn’t but externally it made me fit right in. So much so, that in high school it became me … or rather I became it. I became the girl that cared about drama. I became the girl that was hard on the exterior. I became the girl that didn’t take any shit. I became the beauty queen that everyone desired to be. The alpha female. Externally.

Internally, I was fighting. With myself. With what others would think of me. You see, when I was living in Boston .. although I pretended and I kind of fit, I never felt comfortable. It never felt like home. But when I moved back to New York, my pretending got me accepted. The boy I liked, liked me back. I mean he worshiped the ground I walked on. I made friends instantly .. and we clicked just the same. My home life wasn’t the best (I resented my family a lot because they continued their life in New York while I had to start over in another state … but that’s another story lol) but I was healthy and happy .. externally.

Internally, I still felt different. Awkward. Always trying to find the right thing to say. Although everyone thought I had it all figured out. So I went along with it. Up until the last day of high school. Good riddens, except for a few close friends I left high school and my pretend games behind. Or so I thought.

When I got to college, I was ecstatic. I felt like a new chapter had begun. Until one piece of high school followed me to college. She didn’t know me all too well, but we had the same group of friends .. and she felt safe, so we clung to each other. I could tell that she was playing a pretend game too, although we never spoke about it. Together along with some other friends we met, we became the cool freshmans. But we, us two stood out. For different reasons, and this story isn’t about her sooooo yea lol. I stood out for those same reason as I did in high school. I became one of the popular girls. In my group, I was considered the outspoken one, the one that people went to, the one that everyone wanted but couldn’t get, the one that couldn’t be figured out but had the answers, the plans. I was once again an alpha female.

I won’t lie. While in college, I did enjoy my pretend game. I felt on top of the world. And I had my group of best friends that I could turn to. To release the real me … at a bare minimum. Until a bare minimum with 5 or 6 girls wasn’t enough. I got tired of being sheltered. Sheltering myself and who I really was. I began to hate myself again. The fight and anger brewing inside of my yet again. External vs internal. Who I want to be vs Who I am. Ah.

The transition from sophomore year to junior year was the hardest and most fulfilling. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you why. Lol.

Sophomore year, I lost a good friend (yes, it was the girl from the previous paragraph). See, her game of pretending ended .. quite abruptly. Then she transferred schools. But, like I said this story isn’t about her lol. After losing her, I began to reevaluate things that were important to me. Over time, my views on things began to change. And I voiced them. I no longer stated what people wanted to hear. I stated what was from my heart .. as cheesy as that sounds. Buttttttttttt, something was still, I don’t know .. blocking me? Maybe it was me blocking me because I was so used to hiding the bitter parts of myself.

Well anyways, I continue to struggle internally and I think externally it began to show. I distanced myself from my loved ones, buried my head in books and work and went on a small hiatus. Then things went left. On my haitus, I fell off. I didn’t care about anything and fell into a spell of depression. And I mean things really did go LEFT. Everything that could go wrong .. was going wrong. Love life – wrong. Friendships – wrong. Work – I got fired so yea wrong. School – WRONG.

This is going to sound so cheesy and cliche and every word that is synonymous with cliche … but then I had a terrible hair mishap. Bare with me readers, lol. This hair mishap resulted in me having to cut my hair (something that I wanted to do for a while but was too afraid to do). Let. Me. Tell. You. I had never felt so free. The day I cut my hair was the day I got fired. I had cried on the way to my moms friends apartment but when I got there I was at ease. I guess I knew a change was coming lol. I told everyone that I got fired and they gasped. I remember giggling and although I felt terrible, saying “It’s okay, everything happens for a reason”. He told me to prepare myself and I sat in this little chair while he gathered his equipment. I vividly remember the buzzing sound as he turned the clippers on. I was scared as hell! And as he took this razor to my head, I began to shed so many fucking tears it was unbelievable. I just cried. It felt so good. Like years and years of fake, bullshit, sucky moments were being washed away. Oh my goodness. I remember when he was done, I let out this huge sigh, I wiped my eyes and he gave me a mirror. I was afraid to look, but everyone in the house was cheering me on and making me feel so pretty and awesome lol. I looked in the mirror, smiled and cried all over again because I truly did feel free in that very moment

That exact moment was when I think I had the epiphany.

The next week at school, listen honey… I slayed. It was the last week of junior year but I still felt on top of the world. I carried that same attitude through summer vacation and back again into my senior year. Oh man, senior year (once again, that’s another story lol).

The beginning of senior year was met with so much positive vibes and good energy. The start of my spiritual journey had begun. I said what I wanted. Dressed the way I wanted. Felt the way I wanted and without apologizes.
This time around, I was still outspoken but in the most genuine and authentic way. Like, I am cheesing as I write this. That is how amazing it felt. I was still a reliable source for people, I was still dependable, tactful, charming and beautiful and people saw that. I was still an alpha female, but in a more positive and luminescent way. As a matter of fact more people gravitated towards me and the energy that I gave off. Was I still guarded? Of course. It was just the beginning. But opening up myself to receive the energy of other amazing and positive people was something I had never felt before and it was invigorating. I was satisfied externally and internally for the first time in what felt like forever.

I remember a friend of mine, Brian pulled me aside and he said to me “I see a change in you from the girl you were when I first met you and the woman you are now. I love it. Keep getting better. I see you, Sky”. I wonder if he remembers that. Lol. That comment was one of the best compliments I had ever received in my life .. even to this day. It just let me know that all along, I could have been myself .. and been happy being myself and the right people would have gravitated towards me from the beginning.

But everything happens for a reason.

I know that.

As a matter of fact, I am grateful it didn’t happen from the beginning because I wouldn’t have learned to love myself the way I do now. I wouldn’t have grown. Every hardship that I have overcome has helped shape me into a better person.

Making this this blog, has been about continuing to open myself up, in hopes to inspire at least one person. Or to help at least one person. Or to let at least one person know that they are not alone … and it is okay to be weird lol. With that being said, I hope that you guys enjoyed this post – a little more intimate side of me and who I am. Like the title says, this was just the beginning so stay tuned for part two. ❤


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Start Your Morning The Right Way | 4 Positive Things To Tell Yourself On ‘Those’ Days

Some days we wake up and we know that “TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY”! We get out of bed energized, full of hope and ready to take on the world.

Then there are those days. You know, the days that you wake up, look outside your window and wonder “Why the HELL is the sun shining so bright?” and you know that “today is going to suck”.

It is during those days .. those disastrous days that you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, when all you want to do is sleep and watch Law & Order re-runs that I want you to read this post.

Why? Because I know how hard it is to be positive. I know how difficult it can be to remain in a good place when all you want to do is run – run a way from all of your problems. I know how hard it is to recognize all the good things in your life when it seems like there are 10 bad things for 1 good thing.

That’s why I offer this to you. 4 positive things to tell yourself when your day … just sucks. But please, feel free to tell your self these one your good days too ❤


I am choosing to make today count.

Many times, our day goes just as we have predicted it. If we wake up with an “it’s going to be a terrible day” attitude .. then chances are it will be a terrible day.

But try this: On those days that you just aren’t feeling it .. before the negative thoughts flood your head, just stop. Breathe. Tell yourself that ‘today, will be a good one and that I am choosing to make today count’. And don’t just say it. Think it. Believe it. Make it count.

In doing that you have already cancelled out starting your day on a negative note. Congratulations. ❤


I cannot change yesterday, I cannot worry about the future -but I can focus on today.

Sometimes we wake up with the burden of yesterdays problems fresh on our mind. That tends to hinder our plans for the new day. Instead of getting up and trying to make the most of the day, we lay in bed and think about all the things that we didn’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t have done yesterday.

Just the same, we tend to worry about the problems of tomorrow, next week and next year. We let our thoughts for the future cloud our perception of the present. Not saying that wondering about the future is wrong but sometimes we do so in excessive and we forget to focus on the right now.

And right now, you need to make today count. (Lol See what I did there?)

No one can stand in my way -except me.

Mhm, how can I explain this?

We have the tendency to look at other people and other things as something (or someone) that is blocking the path to our goal or destination. Get me?

And sometimes because of how we perceive things, instead of trying to overcome the obstacle and head for our goal with full force and a heart full of hope .. we would rather just quit … and stay in bed and binge watch Law & Order or Grey’s Anatomy. I know I am guilty of this.

But think about this: In you quitting, in you giving up .. who has become the person standing in the way of your goal?


I am alive.

Lately, when people ask me things like “How have you been?” or “How are you today?”, my response has been “I can’t complain, I’m alive” and then I smile. Even on ‘those days’.

Because it’s true.

No matter what or who you believe in (if anything at all), it’s always a good day when you wake up.

It’s just that simple.

So, focus on today, make it count and don’t stand in your own way because you’re alive ..

and today will be a good day.

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Positivity Everywhere 6 – Kasper & Envyus Records

So far during these blog interviews you guys have seen a self published author, an owner of a clothing line, the owner of a jewelry line, an online store owner and a television host. Today, I wanted to bring you guys someone a bit different. With that being said, I decided to conduct my interview styled blog post with a young man who has the drive and passion to make it in the music industry. I introduce to you all Kasper.

Name: Charlon Foster
Stage Name: Kasper
Age: 18 yrs old
Name of the label: Envyus Records

Q: Tell the readers about yourself.
A: Ummmm well as you know my name is Kasper..*laughs out loud*, no; but I rarely talk about myself because I’m still confused as to who I am (if that makes any sense); but I can give the readers some likes & dislikes. I enjoy quality time by myself, I don’t know if that’s my “ghost” side or what, but I do prefer most of the time to think, wander and talk to myself. I like writing letters to myself, keeps me balanced – ya know? I love and appreciate the female anatomy and all it has to offer. I consider myself a connoisseur of life and all it’s simplicities. Um, my heritage on my dad’s side is Jamaican and from my mom’s is Grenadian. I enjoy all types of mysteries (except the “love” mysteries), I like/read books (sometimes) and I definitely appreciate technology and how far it has come (although I am quite scared for what the future might hold). Also, I love grabbing a bike or skateboard and taking it out for a spin, ya dig? As for my dislikes,  I rarely dislike anything, I try to keep an open mind and understand and gain a love for ideas, objects, people. etc.
Q: Tell us about what it is that you do: 
A: Well I am a music artist, rapper and performance speaker based in Brooklyn, NY and apart of a independent record label dubbed “Envyus Records” (formerly called “Genocide Music Productions”). I’ve been with them for 4 years now, and I’ve released two projects so far, one (Postponed) under the Genocide name and another (Passion EP) under the Envyus name. Envyus Records started December 30th, 2011 and is home to many other notable artists other than myself such as: The Sound, Rahmel, D-$tone, and much more. I enjoy being apart of this label too because it’s more of a family type atmosphere than JUST business so you really get to bond with one another and really get to know more about each other because that’s very important in this music business let alone making music. Even though we go through our ups and downs sometimes they are all my brothers.
Q: How did you know that you wanted to become a rapper and how old were you?
A:Funny thing is, I didn’t even have like a dream of becoming a rapper or whatever, man I wanted to be an astronaut. I wanted to go see some stars, visit the moon and chat it up with the moon man, go see if the moon was really made out of cheese. But I came to realization I wanted to be a rapper in high school (but then again who didn’t), 9th grade is when I did it as a hobby but during 10th grade is when i really settled down and started to pursue it. My dad had me take classical music lessons since I was 6 so I was already familiar with reading notes, hearing melodies in my head and memorizing the chords; so it was honestly a matter go time before I put words over instrumentals. Also, I read ALOT when I was little, especially “The Magic Tree House” collection by Mary Pope Osborne and the “Secrets of Droon” collection by Tony Abbott (recommend all to read both of these series). Both of these series helped my imagination grow and gave me a knack for telling stories. I actually didn’t know what Hip-Hop/Rap was until 8th grade, and the first song I EVER heard from a rapper was T.I’s “What’s Up What’s Happenin’.” From there I watched every single rap video I could find because at the time I wasn’t a fan of just listening to music without any visuals and I was trying to soak up this new “addiction” I had acquired. I also consider myself pretty good with the words, so I entered a poetry competition to get a poem published in a book (can’t remember it at the moment) but long story short, I got my poem published so that’s when I got serious about pursing this “hobby turned dream” of mine.
Q: How did you become involved with Envyus Records?
A: I got involved with Envyus Records in a way most people don’t get involved with businesses or even getting a job, lol. One fateful day, in 9th day I got into a little word argument with a fellow classmate and I said something I’ll probably never regret to this day. But from that day forth, I befriend the man who started this whole thing, Blake Timmons, and I’ve been running with “Envyus La Famila” ever since.
Q: How would you describe your rap style? And who would you consider to be some of your influences (in rap and/or in life in general)?
A: I don’t know if I could describe my rap style as of yet because I’m still trying to find my style. But the best bet for someone to have an opinion on my rap style and what they consider it to be is for them to listen themselves and go from there. Well since I rap, rap is a product of Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop is a way of life not a genre, so therefore Hip-Hop equates to being life, so my life influences would be (no order): Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Ab-Soul, Cyhi Da Prynce, Lil Wayne, Q-Tip, and Phife Dawg.
Displaying IMG_0546.jpg
Q: What type of audience does your music appeal too? What about the other members of Envyus Records? 
A: I’ve had people from all walks of life, ethnicity, age, cultures, and different backgrounds listen and vibe and support my music so I want to say all types of people. Now granted you know it might not be relatable to everyone but I like that my music is able to reach and touch a variety of people. As for Envyus, we ALL have different sounds and different messages and different crowds of people who listen to our music. Ex: Chris Styles talks to the males coming out of the ghetto and the “hood,” The Sound talks to the females and drops knowledge, D-$tone (from what I can see so far) is talking to the people who live the average life and enjoy all the things a inner-city has to offer. But there’s plenty more styles and sounds coming out of Envyus Records in the years to come.
Q: What project have you had the most fun working on thus far in your career?
A: Uh, well since I don’t believe in spoilers, I’ll have to talk about the two projects that are already out now. It’ll have to be Postponed, granted I don’t consider it “all that” but it was the most fun. The project was my life up to that one point, so I was able to recollect memories up until 12th grade. Plus it’s something about doing your first project and completing it and releasing it’s like trying a new drug for the first time and never getting that high back, ya know? Especially, when you get to share that high with other people because the project was anticipated and well received.
Q: Have you had to overcome any struggles on your path to success? If so, what?
A: Well I would say I’m still overcoming some struggles right now, and I got some more in the miles coming up. But one obstacle that I did have to deal with that troubled me a lot was heartbreak (but then who hasn’t). What people don’t understand even though that may be a common topic and something everyone goes thru, it affects your lifestyle. And since I hold rap close to my heart, and I rap real life and use real emotion, that threw me off my creative drive and I couldn’t focus for a while; but I’m back baby, and better than ever. But if you want to hear some of my struggles, *laughs* listen to the music mane.
Q: How do you deal with the negativity that comes with the success of your rap career and record label ?
A: The negativity that comes with this lifestyle is crazy man. So much hate from people you would never ever thought was even watching your moves and what you do. But I deal with it in either two ways, if it’s minuscule I tend to ignore it, but if it’s something that’s actually worth paying attention too, I meet it head on, I can’t ignore that. But best believe I choose and pick my battles wisely and take time to think out different ways to maneuver and come out on top of whatever “feud/beef” I have. But I won’t EVER take it to the streets, that’s not something I support nor was I raised in that life but I won’t let no one of any stature disrespect me.
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Q: Many people believe that while having a career in the music industry can be very prosperous, one should still have a backup plan (just in case in doesn’t ‘work out’). What do you think about that? Do you have a back up plan? Why or Why not?
A: I don’t believe in back-up plans. If you are having second guesses about what your doing in this music business or even in any dream your chasing then your thoughts about yourself and what your doing is not 100% confident and that’s a problem since our thoughts become our reality, so if you keep thinking you need a backup plan then you gon’ have a backup life. I tell people all the time my Plan B is to achieve my Plan A. Go hard or Go Home. It’s okay if no one sees it but you; but just make sure your 100% confident in what your doing and keeping grinding & praying. But remember prayer without work means nothing. I mean personally, I don’t believe that anyone should survive life by working at a job that sustains your mediocre living conditions. “Nine to five is how you survive, I ain’t trying to survive. I’m trying to live it to the limit and love it a lot.” I keep this phrase in my mind to remind me why I’m pursing this. I want to do something fun, influential, and acquire currency without having to hate it. But you know, some people don’t necessarily feel the same as me nor will understand my point of view.
Q: What advice would you offer to those who want to get into the music industry themselves?
A: Build connections, network, get to know people, and perfect your craft. Oh, and OWN YOUR MASTERS, get to know EVERYTHING about what your getting yourself into before you get too deep.

Q: What projects do you or your team have coming up? 
A: Well I can’t reveal anything to you all about MY stuff because I don’t like spoilers but I can say I’m working on about 4 projects (2 solo and 2 joint) for the future. One of the joint projects is finished; but for the rest of the year, I’m chilling. So far the summer has been good with some releases from D-$tone and Rahmel but for the rest of the year we’re focused on other members, just know The Sound got some stuff planned for you guys and Chris Styles is up next.
Anything else that you want to add?
A: Thank you for taking your time out to read my essay *laughs*, and shoutouts to Elementsofahippie for this opportunity.
A: Thank you for taking your time out to read my essay *laughs*, and shoutouts to Elementsofahippe for this opportunity.
Where can we find you and/or Envyus Records?

Now before you guys go check out some of Kaspers music !
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Fashion? Me? Maybe!

I have yet to write a post pertaining to fashion and I decided that today would be the day. I don’t want to toot my own horn but I have been told that I may have a knack for fashion. Trust me, I am by no means a stylist or fashion forward. However, I do enjoy expanding my creativity through fashion, gaining inspiration from different people who have different styles and having fun with dressing up. I don’t own one particular style and I quite often mix a few styles together.

If I had to chose a style, it would probably be a mix between BohoCasualUrbanChic. I literally just go with the flow, pull things out my closet and manage to make it all come together. I hope that through these fashion inspired posts that you will also be able to do the same.

With that being said I wanted to share with you guys a few people who I very often take fashion inspiration from:

  1.  Rihanna. Because honestly, what would a fashion inspiration list be without RiRi. She’s bold, different, has many different elements to her fashion and well she very seldom cares what anyone has to say.

    riririri2   riri3riri4

  2. Vanessa Hudgens. I like her style because I think she embodies the Bohemian style extremely well. The Bohemian style has always been among my top favorites and a lot of my outfits are inspired by her relaxed cool vibe.PicturePub.Netvh2


  3. Nicole Richie .. another fashion forward celebrity that embodies the Bohemian Chic look very effortlessly. It always seems as though she didn’t try too hard but it stills looks flawless.
  4. Frantzceska Cheron. A college student at Pace University who has always been one of my fashion icons. If anyone has a knack for fashion, it would be her. Her ability to spice about any outfit always impresses me.

These are just a few of my fashion inspirations. However, I take inspiration from just about anyone. Fashion (to me) isn’t just about looking the best, or being trendy. It’s about having fun, trying new things and feeling great about yourself. So … Get inspired. Get creative. Most importantly have fun.

xoxo Cielo.