How To Get Your Life When You Feel Lost

I'm been away from my blogging safe haven for a while and during that time I had a breakdown, an epiphany, felt lost and confused .. and ultimately got back up and began to re-find myself.

Daily Reminder #2

"It WILL get worse before it gets better and when better comes it's gonna feel so damn good".Keep up with me: Instagram/Facebook/Etsy/De La Jipi Instagram

Daily Reminder #1

I must be dragged through mud before I see my flower bloom. I got this 👌🏾 So I'm starting this little thing, lol. I don't know what to call it yet. But in light of all the negativity that has been surrounding us lately, I think it's important to constantly surround ourselves with positive words, … Continue reading Daily Reminder #1

Along My Spiritual Journey: The Beginning

A few months before my 21st birthday I think I had an epiphany. I kind of fell ... into myself. Let me explain. I have always felt like the odd one out. Externally, I was happy and just like everyone else. Internally, I knew I was different. I pretended to enjoy the same things that … Continue reading Along My Spiritual Journey: The Beginning

Dear Black Women …

There's this thing women do ... specifically black women. I hate it. We live in a world where the black woman is constantly mistreated. We are unheard. Abused. Considered the low of the low. And when we speak out about the injustices that we face, we are deemed angry, aggressive, unruly and (my favorite) ghetto/ratchet … Continue reading Dear Black Women …

I’m Just Not Motivated …

is no longer an excuse. Get motivated. Simple. Find ways to build yourself up because quite frankly if you're waiting for someone to make you feel better about yourself .. you might just be waiting forever. Now I don't mean to sound harsh - I promise. However, the CONSTANT self pity party just isn't going … Continue reading I’m Just Not Motivated …


She loved with all her might Gave him all her fight He didn't appreciate her Abused and misused her Until finally her love for herself Surpassed her love for him Until finally her love for him Withered Away Into Thin Air He turns around and she isn't there. xoxo Cielo. 2.

I write too …

For years, I would always write down my thoughts in a variety of journals. I mean anything from personal thoughts, to things happening daily, to poems and short stories. Yet, I was never brave enough to show anyone those writings and even more afraid to voice those thoughts and feelings. Needless to say, I kind … Continue reading I write too …

Life Is Not A Race

Nor is it a competition. Honestly, I'm going to keep this post short but I do want to get a message across. Many times in my life, I found myself comparing my success (and lack there of) to the success of others. "Well, if she can do that then why can't I?" "He passed that … Continue reading Life Is Not A Race

Positivity Everywhere – Who, What and Why?

I recently started a new section on my blog entitled "Positivity Everywhere". I started off this section by introducing to you all two young people on the path to success and prosperity through keeping a positive mind and working hard. However, many people were confused about the sudden emergence of my interview styled segment, so … Continue reading Positivity Everywhere – Who, What and Why?