Start Your Morning The Right Way | 4 Positive Things To Tell Yourself On ‘Those’ Days

Some days we wake up and we know that “TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY”! We get out of bed energized, full of hope and ready to take on the world.

Then there are those days. You know, the days that you wake up, look outside your window and wonder “Why the HELL is the sun shining so bright?” and you know that “today is going to suck”.

It is during those days .. those disastrous days that you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, when all you want to do is sleep and watch Law & Order re-runs that I want you to read this post.

Why? Because I know how hard it is to be positive. I know how difficult it can be to remain in a good place when all you want to do is run – run a way from all of your problems. I know how hard it is to recognize all the good things in your life when it seems like there are 10 bad things for 1 good thing.

That’s why I offer this to you. 4 positive things to tell yourself when your day … just sucks. But please, feel free to tell your self these one your good days too ❤


I am choosing to make today count.

Many times, our day goes just as we have predicted it. If we wake up with an “it’s going to be a terrible day” attitude .. then chances are it will be a terrible day.

But try this: On those days that you just aren’t feeling it .. before the negative thoughts flood your head, just stop. Breathe. Tell yourself that ‘today, will be a good one and that I am choosing to make today count’. And don’t just say it. Think it. Believe it. Make it count.

In doing that you have already cancelled out starting your day on a negative note. Congratulations. ❤


I cannot change yesterday, I cannot worry about the future -but I can focus on today.

Sometimes we wake up with the burden of yesterdays problems fresh on our mind. That tends to hinder our plans for the new day. Instead of getting up and trying to make the most of the day, we lay in bed and think about all the things that we didn’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t have done yesterday.

Just the same, we tend to worry about the problems of tomorrow, next week and next year. We let our thoughts for the future cloud our perception of the present. Not saying that wondering about the future is wrong but sometimes we do so in excessive and we forget to focus on the right now.

And right now, you need to make today count. (Lol See what I did there?)

No one can stand in my way -except me.

Mhm, how can I explain this?

We have the tendency to look at other people and other things as something (or someone) that is blocking the path to our goal or destination. Get me?

And sometimes because of how we perceive things, instead of trying to overcome the obstacle and head for our goal with full force and a heart full of hope .. we would rather just quit … and stay in bed and binge watch Law & Order or Grey’s Anatomy. I know I am guilty of this.

But think about this: In you quitting, in you giving up .. who has become the person standing in the way of your goal?


I am alive.

Lately, when people ask me things like “How have you been?” or “How are you today?”, my response has been “I can’t complain, I’m alive” and then I smile. Even on ‘those days’.

Because it’s true.

No matter what or who you believe in (if anything at all), it’s always a good day when you wake up.

It’s just that simple.

So, focus on today, make it count and don’t stand in your own way because you’re alive ..

and today will be a good day.

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Sunshine Through Cloudy Days …


When I look for quotes .. I try my hardest to look for a quote that is relatable, written with passion and inspiring for everyone. This quote above does just that – I related to it, felt the passion and was inspired. All I can do now is hope that others feel the same way.

So here’s my story – Some days I wake up and I am literally not in the mood. I don’t want to move. I feel worthless, discouraged and there is no consoling me or getting me out of that state of mind. Some days I wake up and my obstacles, shortcomings and all the things that are (potentially) going wrong at that time get the best of me and I find myself questioning whatever higher power is out there. I wonder why I’m not good enough, why things don’t always work out the way that (I think) they should and what is my purpose on this earth (just to name a few things and yes I know it’s very melodramatic but it’s the truth). I find myself sad, crying and feeling extremely lonely. Sometimes I even become enraged by how bad I feel. I think we might all have those days. But (for me) on those days it feels like it’s me against the world.

With that being said .. there were many times before that I wallowed in that self pity and drowned myself in harsh and unloving thoughts. To be honest .. there are still times now that the negativity gets a hold of me and locks me down … but trust me, I’m working on that!

But the good days .. those bad days turned to good -I knock those thoughts out of my head. I lay in bed (maybe I’ll scroll through FB and IG lol) and I literally think of every positive thing that I’ve got going for myself. I’ve graduated college. I’ve opened my own business. I’m working and helping to provide a stable home for my mother and I. I will be applying to graduate school. I’m in a loving relationship. I have so many plans and ideas that I’m working on. I have an awesome support system. And hey, I’m kinda cute.

I list these things and then I tell myself that I am better than laying in bed and feeling sorry for myself. Then I force myself to get up and make a plan for the day; and it doesn’t have to be something major .. but just enough to get myself going .. to let myself know that I have A REASON MANY REASONS to keep going, to keep fighting, to keep happiness alive, to succeed and to keep pushing forward. I tell myself that I am worthy, that I am precious, that I am a gem, and beautiful and then I get my ass up and get started on my day and 9 times out of 10 it’s a beautiful day.

That is how I create my sunshine on a day full of clouds.

So now I challenge you all .. on those days that you just “aren’t feeling it”. Try. Get up. Put positive thoughts in place and MAKE yourself feel it. Think good thoughts, be productive, stay active (mentally and physically), breathe and take it one step at a time. You got this. ❤

xoxo Cielo.