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How To Get Your Life When You Feel Lost

I’m been away from my blogging safe haven for a while and during that time I had a breakdown, an epiphany, felt lost and confused .. and ultimately got back up and began to re-find myself.

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Daily Reminder #2

“It WILL get worse before it gets better and when better comes it’s gonna feel so damn good”.Keep up with me: Instagram/Facebook/Etsy/De La Jipi Instagram

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Dear Black Women …

There’s this thing women do … specifically black women. I hate it. We live in a world where the black woman is constantly mistreated. We are unheard. Abused. Considered the … Continue reading

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12 Black Businesses To Shop From

For the past few months I have been really keen on switching over to buying from my black sisters and brothers. Here, I have compiled a short list of 12 … Continue reading

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Tips For Maintaining Healthy Natural Hair

With my last hair care post, I talked about a few ways that my naturalistas would be able to tell if their hair is healthy. With this new post I … Continue reading

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Do I Have Healthy Hair ?

So as many of you guys know by now .. I am a proud member of the natural hair community! There’s many ups and downs to having and maintaining natural … Continue reading

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2015 – Good Riddens & Thanks For The Lessons

2015 wasn’t my most gracious year. I had a lot of obstacles, people, negativity and so much more trying to hold me back. But I will say this – 2015 … Continue reading

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The Holy Grail – Well for Natural Hair Anyways

I feel kind of cool when people ask me how I take care of my hair. They want to know how I maintain the fullness while still keeping my curls … Continue reading

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4 Ways To Protect Your Natural Hair + WTH Is Going On With Mine

Oh, my natural girls … I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes my natural hair makes me so sad. Why? Well, because IT TAKES SO MUCH TO MAINTAIN … Continue reading

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When Hair Boredom Strikes

Welp, well hair boredom strikes you I walk into my bathroom and start searching for something to do. I found a bunch of old colors (some of which I never … Continue reading

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