things i’ve learned about self-care

it’s needed it’s important it’s essential to growth it comes in different forms it is different for each of us -as long as it’s positive music makes me happy especially bob marley and lauryn hill journaling also makes me very happy and so does sipping wine self affirmations help increase your self esteem self care isContinue reading “things i’ve learned about self-care”

snow daze

I’m frequently asked about some of my self love/self care methods. Today was the perfect day to indulge in just that. Taking advantage of Brooklyn’s snow day, I decided to cuddle up and tell you guys just how I catered to myself today.

Back For the New Year?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Mental health is such an important part of getting your life together and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing -checking in with myself and my mental health. I don’t know where to start but the past couple of weeks were about me taking the initial steps to re-finding myself and myContinue reading “Back For the New Year?”

Why Sorry Doesn’t Mean Anything

Oh, how people love the word sorry. “Sorry, I was running late” “Sorry, I bumped into you” “Sorry, I hurt you” I’m over the word ‘sorry’ and have been for a very long time. What is the meaning of sorry? Well, according to Websters Dictionary it means “to feel sorrow or regret”. Yet, I findContinue reading “Why Sorry Doesn’t Mean Anything”