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Yummy Yummy Yummly!

You guys have been with me as I’ve started to eat healthy and just really dive into a healthy lifestyle. One problem that I face with this is that sometimes … Continue reading

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Uplifting Quotes To Brighten Your Day … & Mine

In a time like this I need some positive words to surround me and I know that I’m not alone. Whether it be a person, a thing or situation, we … Continue reading

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51 Things That Make Me Happy !

The past few weeks have been very trying. In terms of being positive and continuing on my journey to happiness and self love, I have instead taken a pit stop … Continue reading

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Sunshine Through Cloudy Days …

When I look for quotes .. I try my hardest to look for a quote that is relatable, written with passion and inspiring for everyone. This quote above does just … Continue reading

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Dear Sandra Bland

I still think of you.

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I’m Just Not Motivated …

is no longer an excuse. Get motivated. Simple. Find ways to build yourself up because quite frankly if you’re waiting for someone to make you feel better about yourself .. … Continue reading

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I took a leap …

and I bet on myself. For a while, I distanced myself from others, sat back and contemplated some things that I have really always thought of doing but couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Positivity Everywhere 5 – The Fluffy Angel

Name: Tenesha Thomas Nickname: Fluffy Age: 35 Name of your website: WWW.FLUFFYANGEL.COM Q: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. A: To start I’m a mother of 4. A … Continue reading

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I am Sandra Bland

Fierce. Outspoken. A person that knows their rights. A person who is strong minded about the rights for people of color. Black. A woman. A black woman. I am Sandra … Continue reading

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She loved with all her might Gave him all her fight He didn’t appreciate her Abused and misused her Until finally her love for herself Surpassed her love for him … Continue reading

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