Diving Deeper …

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAs I prepare for the Super Blood Wolf Moon, I couldn’t think of a better time to release myself of things that no longer serve me.

Each day this past week, I have dedicated time to working through each of the chakras. I started on Monday with the Root Chakra and have worked my way to Crown Chakra meditation (today)! My goal was to reawaken each Chakra before diving into a more extensive practice, energy work, understanding etc.

I know there are a few people that have expressed interest in the spiritual/energy work that I do. So, I thought why not chronicle the journey. Offer a space for you all to come along for the ride. Starting tomorrow, I will be spending a week on each chakra. Meditation, yoga, reading, understanding, tuning in, looking inward and the whole nine yards.

I wanted to offer you, not only a quick insight into the meaning of each chakra but an affirmation to take with you and a journal prompt to help you dive into that energy work.

If you want to participate in the longer cleanse, I’ve listed a few resources below that have helped (and continue to help) me and that I believe will be beneficial to you. The PDF booklet (below) will serve as my blueprint.

If a shorter cleanse is what you’re looking for then please feel free to indulge and share this post. It’s a great way to start. Plus, you can start a longer cleanse WHENEVER feels right to you.

I’ll be sending weekly newsletters to update you all. If this is something that interest you, please do not hesitate to sign up for the De La Jipi Newsletter – sign up here .


Root Chakra:
The root chakra when unbalanced is blocked by fear. When we’re afraid of what’s next, of abandonment, of not having/being enough etc. When we are not grounded.

By tapping into gratitude and reminding ourselves that we are enough, we can balance our root chakra.

Affirmation: I am grounded in my truth and my purpose. My energy is transformative and healing. I believe in and am confident in the foundation that I am building for myself.

Journal Prompt/s: What can you do to let go of fear? What makes you feel secure? How are the two related?

Image result for sacral chakraSacral Chakra:
The sacral chakra is all about creativity, sensuality/sexuality and getting in touch with our deeper emotions.

This chakra is blocked by guilt. When guilt arises, we shut down and are unable to express ourselves adequately. We feel stuck, wallow in our feelings and we are overly anxious.

Through self-forgiveness we can balance our sacral chakra. This allows us to feel things fully and with ease. We are able to understand our deeper selves and use that energy to pour into ourselves and the things we love.

Affirmation: I flow through life with ease and grace. I use my creativity to align with my higher self. I use my alignment to tap into my sensuality.

Journal Prompt/s: How/What can you do to tap into your creativity? How/What can you do to tap into your sensuality/sexuality? How do you feel when you are tapping into the senses?

Solar Plexus Chakra:Image result for solar plexus
The solar plexus chakra is all about tapping into your personal power.

When unbalanced, we feel shameful, unworthy, helpless, like everything is happening TO us and we lack ambition.

A balanced solar plexus chakra allows us to have control over our thoughts and emotional responses. By setting healthy boundaries and doing the work to believe in ourselves, we can find peace and are able to balance out this chakra.

Affirmation: I am what I choose to become. I am strong. I am powerful. I am worthy. I believe in my worth and I manifest what my highest and truest desires are.

Journal Prompt/s: What are some judgements that you have about yourself that are keeping you from tapping into your highest potential? What can you do to release yourself of that?

Heart Chakra:Image result for heart chakra
The heart chakra is a bit special. It connects our physical bodies to our spiritual bodies. It’s all about love and compassion. That of self and of others. How do we receive and give love? Experiencing grief, trauma, disappointment and being unkind to yourself can block this chakra.

When our heart chakra is blocked, we become defensive, jealous, self-pitying, codependent and a slew of other self defeating emotional behaviors. Practicing radical self care, working through our grief and indulging in things that give us joy are all the right steps to take in order to get our heart chakra balanced.

Affirmation: I chose to show up and be kind to myself.  I chose kindness and gratitude. I chose love and light.

Journal Prompt/s: How do you show up for yourself? Give love to yourself?

Throat Chakra: Image result for throat chakra
Connected to the sacral chakra, the throat chakra is also about the expression of self through living our truth, expressing our purpose in life, expressing ourselves through creativity. The throat chakra’s emphasis is on expressing and projecting our creativity in the most authentic and unapologetic way. The throat chakra also connects us to spirit.

When our throat chakra is unbalanced we are not able to communicate nor listen to others. Our voices often become unheard and we lose understanding of what our purpose is. Additionally, we feel insecure and timid. Through journaling and acceptance of our voice and purpose as worthy, we are able to balance our throat chakra. Doing so, helps us align our vision with reality and helps us begin the process of tapping into our divine energy. Intuition begins here.

Affirmation: I express myself with clarity, calm and grace. I listen with intent to understand. Because I am able to understand the power of my voice and expression, I am able to communicate with my higher self.

Journal Prompt/s: Without judgement, who are you? What are your core truths, values and morals?

Third Eye Chakra: Image result for third eye chakra
The third eye chakra is all about inner vision, wisdom, intuition and tapping into your psychic power. This chakra allows us to see with our physical eyes and to look within. “Seeing, even in the physical sense, is about more than just looking. It’s about interpreting what we see, about taking the bits of data and recognizing patterns, and where they fit into the larger scheme of things.”

When this chakra is blocked, we lack clarity and the ability to interpret what we see and feel. Or our interpretation becomes skewed or distorted. Our vision becomes unclear and we are unable to manifest what we desire. Making sure our lower chakras are balanced also directly relates to our lack of clarity. If we don’t feel grounded, loved or worthy then we aren’t able to see beyond the negative.

Doing the work to balance our lower chakras, helps us unblock the third eye chakra. When this happens, we are able to breathe and be. To see and see beyond. And we are able to trust what we see and manifest our best lives and divine frequencies.

Affirmation: I am an intuitive being who is ever-evolving ; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Journal Prompt/s: How do you lean into your intuition?

Crown Chakra:Image result for lotus flower
The crown chakra is where true consciousness and connection to the universe lies. Ascension and transformative from physical to divine lies here. I think of freedom when I think of the crown chakra as it is the highest meaning of “mind, body and spirit”.

When our crown chakra is blocked, we become unbelieving of the divine, closed minded or overly obsessed with transcendence (so much so that we neglect our physical selves). When we are accepting of all that is, we are able to balance this chakra. Mediation also plays a strong role. When the crown chakra is unblocked, you feeling a connection unexplainable, limitless.

Affirmation: I am connected to the divine. I am divine. I am light. I am.

Journal Prompt/s: What does spirituality mean to you? It what ways can you better align yourself with those ideologies?

As promised here are a few resources that I’ll be using to dive deeper:

Journaling Through The Chakras by Amber Lea Starfire: This ebook serves better printed out (in my opinion). It gives a thorough breakdown of each chakra. It also provides more intense meditation practices and a variety of journal prompts. It is extremely helpful and it is only $2.99 via Amazon.

Update: After speaking with the author Amber Lea, she is willing to offer the book for FREE to anyone interested in participating. All you have to do, is shoot her an email amber@writingthroughlife.com

Insight Timer App: If you follow me on social media then you know I stan for this app. This meditation app has a ton of guided meditations, binaural beats, talks with various yogis, different mediation groups AND MORE! Also .. FREE!

Yoga with Adriene: One of my favorite yoginis. Adriene’s youtube has helped me dive into a more spiritual based yoga practice. She has videos for newbies, intermediate and for those looking for a challenge.

Other steps you can take:

  • Head to your local book store and do some reading (maybe I’ll make a book list in the future)
  • Research
  • Use social media to your advantage. There are a lot of spiritual based pages. Ones that help with mediation practices, self care and more
  • Read, read, read
  • Find others who are ready to take this journey and invite them to do it with you


Until next time,

-Sky Britnei

One more reflection before moving on …

IMG_1064.PNGI’ve thought about 2018, a lot.

I guess I keep going back to it because there were so many lessons that I learned during the latter part of the year.

As I’ve written about before, one major lesson I learned is that words truly mean everything. So with that I say, 2018 was the year of hardships and understandings.

What I’ve had to learn and understand is this:

I’ve had to come to an understanding that even if we believe we have everything, at any given moment it can be taken from us. Everything we have, is a blessing. Whether we believe it to be karma, cosmic energies or God. It’s life. Fair or not. It is up to us to take what we are given and live up to our divinity.

So, for me – 2018 started off rocky. It made me realize that I had become happy with a few circumstances that was not conducive to me living up to my highest potential. Instead of trying to understand how/why this could happen or doing the work to find what my potential and purpose was … I got lost in self doubt.


I spiraled into depression and anxiety. Made a home of it. Got quite comfy too.

My words became venom on an already toxic situation.

Until (again) the latter part of the year.

I’m not sure why, but something about Autumn … it reveals thing. Brings about change, transformation, reflection and perception.

*As all the elements shine for a reason, I’ll always be ruled by air*

I’ve found that my time of spiritual ascension happens around my solar return; my personal new year. During this time, I looked at myself and didn’t like who looked back. I saw the harm that I inflicted on my self as opposed to the “year” that I had kept blaming.

The year is just energy. Surrounding me. But it’s what I choose to do with that energy, those messages from God .. how I tapped into that, that shaped my year. That shapes my year.

It was understanding that


2018 was a year of hardships that turned into understanding.

And 2019?

2019 is the year that my understanding turns into growth.

And I feel pretty good about that.

Diving In

As 2018 came to an end, I did a lot of reflection and had many moments of solitude. Those moments brought me back to self and to center. I did a lot of journaling and honed into what my personal goals and business goals would be for the new year.

While I’ll save my personal goals for another post, I wanted to briefly touch on some of my business goals.

When I think of De La Jipi, two words have constantly come to mind; Visibility and Expansion. I want more people using and talking about De La Jipi products. I want to collaborate with more likeminded people and businesses and brands. I want to introduce (and re-introduce) new aspects and parts of my business.

I want to do these things with grace and humility.

I will do these things .. with grace and humility.

After thinking about some of my goals, I then think about how/what I can do to accomplish them.

Aside from branding, I realized that in natural skin care and even with healing jewelry many people don’t understand the products that they use and/or why it’s harmful or beneficial to them.

While branding is awesome and draws your customer in, I believe that knowledge and understanding is what will keep your customer confident and grounded in your product. And honestly, it’ll truly align you to your consumer base.

With that being said, I’ve taken far too long off from blogging. It’s no secret that my blog has been through many transitions but this will prove to be the best one yet. I’ll still post whatever I want really (lol) but with a new element.

After all, this is the Elements Of A Hippie.

-sky britnei

To Reflect On This Year

Would mean to look back at all that was … and wasn’t.


Words are so powerful and I have been speaking what I perceived as horridness this year into existence. So much so, that it has become me. It’s no doubt that this year was hard for me. But so many good things happened this year too. It’s hard but I’m learning to be intentional about being grateful.

So the good -that’s what I choose to reflect on. Because for every bad thing that happened, something good came of it. For every discouraging moment that tried to drown me, came a moment of understanding and resilience. Writing found its way back into my life as medicine, each time anxiety reared its head. And I found love of self again after months of feeling unworthy of it.

Awesome things that happened this year:

1 – I went to Jamaica, twice

2 – I did my first pop up

3 – I networked with so many amazing people

4 – My grandmother beat breast and lung cancer

5 – My grandfather celebrated his 74th birthday

6 – I decided that in 2020/1 I will be moving to *******

7 – I learned (and continue to learn) so many things about myself

8 – This year was the first year that we had a Thanksgiving dinner (since the passing of my other grandfather). It was filled with high energy and lots of love.

9 – I opened my business account

10 – Omg, I almost forgot – I got my licensessss!

11 – I had my first photoshoot for my business

We’ve still got a few weeks to go and I can honestly say for the first time ALL YEAR, I feel hopeful.

-Sky Britnei

An Ode To Sisterhood

Journeying through entrepreneurship has been the most stressful and rewarding thing that I’ve done thus far. Networking, collaborating, finally participating in pop ups -all in the name of  building my business and brand. There’s really no feeling like it.

But the best part has been connecting with like minded people. This sense of solidarity and familiarity when talking to another creative, business owner and/or entrepreneur. For so long, I felt alone on this journey. Misunderstood. Extremely fearful. The connectivity across the board has significantly helped in all those realms. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

With that being said, I wanted to set aside a moment to truly thank two women who have aided in my growth and have kept me sane in the moments that the various parts of my life begun to take a toll.

Anne E., founder of Nubian Crowns Clothing Boutique

Anne has been such a pivotal part of my journey! To even begin to describe would take forever. Plus, she already knows the bulk of it. Let me just say, that her strength, resilience and transparency are inspiring. Her passion for her brand, her culture, her family and beyond literally radiant off of her. She always talks about how much I’ve helped her be the face of her business but she’s helped me own my business with this grace and confidence (which I most certainly did not have before). She’s definitely the go-getter of our crew and always pushes us to go harder and dream bigger!



Victoria C., founder of Ravished Shoes Boutique

Victoria popped up in my life at the exact moment that I needed someone like her. So big shout outs to Anne for bringing her into our sister circle. Not only does Vicky bring the fun and the wine to every situation but she brings reality. As a creative, we have a million ideas by the second. With that, we can be prone to anxiety. She brings us back to earth while still fiercely believing in every idea that we put forth! She’s definitely the realist of our trio. Her belief in us and our goals is more humbling than words can express. She holds us accountable and hold us down!

As black women, we’re often taught that we all can’t win. There’s only room for one of us. But through this sisterhood, we have created lanes not only for ourselves but one together. So, my ode to sisterhood is this:

Through you I have found me
Resilience makes homes out of strong bodies
Faith makes homes out the strong willed
Higher frequencies makes room in the divine
Luminescent is the light that surrounds us
We have found what we need
In each other
So to my sisters, I thank you. Forever.



October 1st means …

It’s breast cancer awareness month!

Since I last blogged so much has happened -which I’ll probably do an extensive post about later. But for now, I have some pretty exciting news! This month, my business will be donating 40% of what we earn to the Painted Pink For Breast Cancer Org

Yesterday, I sent out a newsletter summing up why I chose to do this and why I specifically chose this organization. I want you all to be in on the info so, I thought why not blog about it as well. 

This year started off in distress as my grandmother – our family matriarch, wonder woman, majestic goddess, warrior queen (and more) was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Later in the year, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lung Cancer. Watching my grandmother undergo surgeries, chemo and radiation was extremely scary and nerve wracking but also humbling. It taught me so much about appreciation and showing love to the people in our lives while they’re still here! Thus far, this journey has made our family stronger. We’ve had to pick up where she couldn’t. Wipe our tears before she could see them. And although, some times were harder than others, we got it done -for her! 

But more than being strong, what I truly had the urge to do was educate myself. 

Upon doing so, I learned that while Black women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer at an alarmingly higher rate than other races; there aren’t many resources dedicated to us, by us, for us. As an entrepreneur, as a black women, as someone that has now been closely affected … this struck a chord.

I knew that this year was different for me and I wanted to be of service to a black local owned non profit. One that was dedicated to spreading awareness, funding, research or anything of the sort. I reached out to a few colleagues and friends and upon talking with Jasmine Marie (founder of Creative Women Build), I stumbled upon the Painted Pink Org. Keep reading to hear more about their story.

Painted Pinks Story

While Painted Pink isn’t locally owned, after speaking with founder Ann-Marie and board member Amaris, I was sold. With a mission statement of educating the youth and a vision of self advocacy, knowledge of genetic health and support across the board, here’s what they’re all about:

1. They empower millennials to take charge of their breast health.
2. They support millennials with access to mentors, resources, and medical professionals who understand the intersection of breast health and the realities of breast cancer for this generation.   
3. They are proponents of the purposely pink lifestyle – knowing your genetic history and being proactive about fitness, nutrition, and beauty practices.

They also have the following programs available to all warrior queens:

  • Purposely Pink Programs are events focused on fitness and health, i.e making sure we’re watching what we are putting in and on our bodies.
  • Baby ShowerHer Campaign are baby showers for women who are undergoing breast cancer and are pregnant.
  • Care Packages are put together by the Painted Pink team and is filled with hypoallergenic items, motivational items, and items to alleviate discomfort from chemo.
  • Collegiate Tours are when the Painted Pink team go to different universities to speak to young women about the importance of breast health.

Ann-Marie Appiah is the C.E.O and founder of Painted Pink For Breast Cancer. She formed this non profit after having two lumpectomies and having a close family member be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is an advocate for breast cancer awareness as well as an advocate for the awareness of genetic disposition. To date the Painted Pink org has raised over 22k and has partnered with various brands such as Jane Carter Organics and TGINatural hair companies.

I’d love for you all to be a part of something so amazing and so important to myself, Ann-Marie and millions of other women … other black women.

Head over to my site to purchase some handcrafted jewels. For this month, I have specially crafted jewels featuring breast cancer charms (and of course featuring my healing crystals). 40% of what I earn this month will be donated to the Painted Pink For Breast Cancer Org. 

If this cause/non profit resonated with you and you’d like to personally donate, please reach out to Ann-Marie via Instagram.

I hope to stay connected. Peace, love + light, always ..

Here’s an affirmation to take with you:
I honor my need to rest and recharge.

the passion (and purpose) behind it all


saturday, 8:24 a.m

i’m up. tea to the right of me. book to the left. pen tucked behind my ear. most importantly, phone out of sight. i’m present.

my passion and purpose in this realm is something that i had often thought about. but my fear made me halt that thought process … or rather, i let my fear halt that thought process. and i know it’s important to live in the present, but to live in the present aimlessly? i don’t know about that.

but life has a way of shaking things up when you’ve gotten too complacent -too stagnant, too comfortable. it has a way of telling you that how you are living wasn’t the way intended. but what do you then?

well, i reflected. it took a while.
but first, i kicked myself out the fearful rut that was making me a stranger to my own creativity. i guess i should start with that right?
i pushed and pushed. i did a lot of writing and meditating and pouring into self .. i didn’t realize my glass was emptyyyyy! and by doing these things, reflection came.

my reflecting first started by confronting why i was afraid, acknowledging that and holding myself accountable for how i let fear hold me down and back and then taking action on it -which i now realize will have to be another post, lol.

after that,  i checked in with myself (and still am checking in with myself). i already had a list of interests, life goals, priorities, values, morals.

  • but were those things (listed above) in alliance with my passion?
  • am i still passionate about the things i was passionate about 5 years ago, 2 years ago, last year, last month?
  • what am i passionate about now?
  • does my passion align with my purpose?
  • what is my purpose?

& so, as i reflected and thought and discussed with close friends, these are the answers i have come up with. after reading mine (or even before), I challenge you to answer those questions as well.

some of my interests are art, self care, mental wellness, culture, black entrepreneurship, holistic (natural) living (among others).
my life goals and priorities include helping, bringing light to the usage of art in the mental health world, being wealthy, to be well versed in travel and different cultures, to live a peaceful, successful, happy and freeing life. waking up in the morning and loving what i do.
i value and moralize justice, diplomacy, equality, love, transparency, hard work, tranquility, hope, faith ….

and thinking back, the things that i was passionate about at 19/20 have transferred over to the various stages in my life. these are still the things that evoke emotion out of me now.
i am still passionate about helping others and art and helping others through art.
if i am able to change the life -truly change the life of at least one person i would be forever happy.

and so do i believe that my purpose aligns with my passion?

i believe my purpose is to help others recognize and see the art within themselves and connect to themselves on different levels. and use that newfound awareness of self to spread love and light and positivity.

i believe my purpose is to use all that i have gained in this realm to help and be of service to others (thanks for those words bee lol -described that perfectly).

i believe that the most high put me here with a gift of empathy and resilience and passion. passion is a gift , ya know? lol.  and i believe that these gifts were given to me, not without reason.

saturday. 9:17 a.m



what does living a soft + strong life mean to you? look like to you?


I’ve realized that I’m not ready to be consistent with my blogging again and I’ve become okay with that. Nevertheless, I saw this writing prompt (the title) on instagram from BlackGirlInOm and kind of felt compelled to write, which honestly hasn’t happened in a while. So, here it goes …

There’s a very popular quote that goes around. It says “Self care and self love is not selfish”. I disagree. It is, 100 percent. Living a soft + strong life (to me) is acknowledging that, standing firm in that and being okay with that.

It is knowing that before I pour into someone else’s glass, mine must be full. I must be full.

It is accepting (healthy + constructive) criticism and turning it so that it is able to positively impact me. At the same time, being able to weed out those who only mean me harm and being adamant about not having those people and/or things in my life, in my energy, penetrating my aura.

It is staying strong in my belief that my purpose is indeed powerful and necessary and was made just for me. And staying soft is giving myself the space to make mistakes, take in lessons, grow, change my mind, process and just be! It is the will and want to keep growing and getting better. Being a better and healthier (mentally, spiritually, physically -and of course financially) version of myself.

It is saying no and yes. When I want. Without feeling pressured into explaining myself or feeling guilty about choosing myself first. It is checking out to focus on myself when I see fit. But making sure that I stay in tuned with my loved ones. Being reliable and dependent but not a stool lifting everyone up while I am left depleted.

One of things I think about when I think about gaining strength through spiritual journeys is the task of being alone. Being alone allows me to really tap in to self; monitor my emotions, follow my intuition and dive into my creativeness. But, it is no easy feat. Hence, the strength part. Living a strong + soft life is taking time to be alone whilst remembering that it does not mean that I am lonely. It means, taking time to be with loved ones when I do start to feel that way. And most importantly, knowing that being alone and being with loved ones are both okay.

There are times when my strength waivers. When I’m feeling low, down and just out of it. Living a soft life is allowing myself to feel and journey through these places of self doubt and sadness. Living a strong life is making sure that I don’t wallow in this sadness. That I don’t settle there + make a home out of tears, ruffled hair and un-ironed t-shirts. Living a soft + strong life is realizing that there is both strength and softness in vulnerability. It is climbing out of that and remaining powerful and humble, loud in my self love and calm throughout my journey.

I’m gonna give another quote, but this one’s by me; “my light reigns supreme. my spirit reigns supreme.” Living this balanced life of strength and gentleness is standing firm in my belief that I am worthy. So much so, I got it tattooed. Permanent reminder, lol!

It is waking up every morning, blessed with another 24 hours and deciding that I am worthy, I matter and I am enough. And, while I may not be enough for anyone else .. I must be enough for/to myself before all.

And last, it is laughing. Like heartfelt cackling, tears falling from your eyes laughter. Surrounding myself with LOVE. Making sure that the energy I put into the world is that that I wish to receive. It is journaling and yoga and meditation and communication and tears and sorrow and dips, twists and turns and happiness and joy and working and walking towards to all of my dreams and goals.


2017 Take Aways

It’s been a while and that’s an under statement.
I had/ have to figure things out and I needed a break. Around the end of October, I felt myself falling into a depression. Mostly because I’m not where I envisioned myself being. I lost motivation. I lost hope. I kind of began to lose myself. It honestly seemed like things were piling up against me and there was no way out. More anxiety. More tears than usual. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling that I felt. Annnddddd right when I was about to really slip into the sunken place (lol), I began to drag myself out – legit a few days ago haha. I had a talk with one of my best friends and I really began to re-evaluate things. Anyways, better late than never and definitely great before the new year.

I thought that it would only be fitting that my first post back would be some little tid bits from 2017. And also a picture of my face lol.

🌻 speaking things into existence does work.
🌻 i will prosper beyond belief in 2018.
🌻 i have grown mentally and spiritually, now i’m just waiting on financially. 😂
🌻 i don’t give myself enough credit.
🌻 but i’m lit … okuhh. 😇😏
🌻 i still let other peoples words define how i travel on and through my journey. i’ve gotten better but i need to work on that more for this new year.
🌻 i don’t have the time, patience or energy for relationships (romantic or not) that do not serve me. understand that i wish you the best but please go away.✌🏾
🌻 i should stop eating pizza so much 😂 but it’s soooooo good!
🌻 falling in love with myself was the easy part …
🌻 staying in love with myself through self doubts and lessons not yet learned is the hard part … and i have decided that I am willing to put in that work.
🌻 i need to stop stressing things/people that aren’t for me. i also need to recognize when things and people aren’t for me.
🌻 i get bored easily. i’m either passionate about something or utterly uninterested. i think it’s a libra thing.
🌻 iamworthy. always.
🌻 one of my biggest goals for 2017 was being unapologetic about how i feel and how i move through those feelings and spaces – i accomplished this. i am proud and sooooo not sorry.
🌻 stagnancy and complacency are not my cup of tea.
🌻 i am not everyone’s cup of tea … or choice of liquor for that matter. 😝
🌻 & that’s okay.
🌻 i journey at my own pace, in my own way and quite frankly i’m learning to not give a fuck about that.
🌻 I am. I can. I will – my personal mantra for this upcoming year. 🌻 All in all, Love is art, Art is peace, Peace is freedom and freedom, my loves .. Freedom is everything.

Peace, love & happiness
-Sky Britnei

things i’ve learned about love

  • not all love is a forever love
  • it is okay to start over in love
  • love starts with me
  • love is all around me
  • there are flaws in love, but if its real love .. those flaws won’t matter. those flaws enhance that love
  • love changes you .. its up to you whether that be for the better or for the worse
  • i deserve love
  • i deserve to give love
  • trust and love go hand in hand
  • communication and trust go hand in hand
  • therefore love without communication won’t prosper
  • you can be wrong, i can be wrong … that doesn’t mean that together we aren’t right
  • love can be complicated .. but that’s because we make it that way. love is simple
  • i couldn’t give love to others until i began to give love to myself
  • being appreciative of the love you receive is extremely important
  • being appreciated for the love you give is equally important
  • love doesn’t hurt – we do
  • love is apart of me -in my nature