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Adorning Yourself: Make It A Ritual




Adorning Yourself: Make It A Ritual

When we are intentional about what we feed our minds, bodies and souls, we are honoring ourselves. We are tapping into the divine beauty, power, magick and art that runs through our veins. That in itself is a sacred practice. A ritual. Consciously choosing to adorn yourself […]

Affirmations and Journal Prompts for Libra Season

While the intensity of Virgo season reminded us to get grounded, release the things that no longer serve us and rest up, Libra season ushers in a lighter mood. Fun, beauty, harmony. Balance. No matter what sign you are, everyone can benefit from tuning into  the lighthearted, […]

Crystals 101: The Benefits Of Crystal Jewelry

Crystals have been used for their energy properties since ancient times. Aside from keeping them in sacred safe spaces or carrying them on your person, another way to hone into the powerful spiritual benefits of crystal healing is to adorn yourself with them through jewelry. Read more […]

A (Super) Beginners Guide To Understanding Chakras

What are chakras? A question that I get asked quite often when speaking about spiritual wellness, especially when I focus in on crystal or herbal healing. So many blogs give tons of information that can seem a bit overwhelming for people who are new to chakra healing. […]


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