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Welcome to Elements Of A Hippie — a blog space and sacred community where I share my thoughts on all things spiritual/holistic wellness, art, soul care, healing, travel, lifestyle, beauty etc. In this space, you’ll get to experience all the elements that make me … me! I hope you enjoy. Thank you soul much for sharing space with me.

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April 24th marked the beginning of my Saturn return and with it came a flood of insights, reminders and downloads. No long intro, I just wanted to share some of the vibes that I’ve been journeying with.
May these find you when you need them.
Take what you need and breathe easy.

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2021 called for me to surrender in ways that I’ve never really had to do before. In ways that challenged my spiritual, mental and emotional growth. This surrender looked like putting full faith and trust in the Most High. It looked like honoring and nurturing myself. Trusting myself enough to know that I have the power, skillset and divine guidance to make sound decisions for my highest good.

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For me, embracing and honoring this seasonal shift looks like paying attention to Mama Gaia and the lessons that she has for me. It has been a reminder to slow down and celebrate the harvest of spring and summer intentions brought to fruition. It has been a time of reflection, change and inner standing.


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 We often get so caught up in the things that we’re asking for (our desires), that we don’t take the time out to see that Spirit is trying to show and tell us what we need. We don’t see and appreciate that They are guiding us into alignment with our desires and trying to bring us even more divinity than we could have even imagined.


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Hey, beautiful soul! My name is Sky Britnei and I am a spiritual and holistic wellness energy practitioner based in Brooklyn, NY. Aside from providing services and products to assist in the wellness journey of my community, I am passionate about all things art, love, freedom and travel related. This blog allows me to put all of the things I love in one space. So, I hope you stick around for the ride. Learn more about me

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