10 Easeful and Effective Ways To Cleanse Your Aura

What is an aura? An Aura is the electromagnetic energy field that extends 6 feet above, below and around our physical bodies. It is an extension of our physical body, is attuned to our health and emotions, and responds too subtle changes in our external environment. Because we are energetic beings, we can pick up […]

Affirmations To Support Your Mental Wellbeing

Happy May and Mental Health Awareness month! As you probably can tell, this blog post is a little bit over-do but that’s okay because I was taking care of my ✨Mental Health✨. While our mental health should be at the forefront of our minds year round, I’m super grateful to have a month dedicated to […]


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Hi, beautiful souls. Sky Britnei, owner of DE LA JIPI Apothecary and Elements of a Hippie blog, here! I am a spiritual and holistic wellness practitioner based in Brooklyn, New York. This blog will serve as a safe space to discuss all things spiritual and holistic wellness as well as fusing lifestyle, travel, personal insights and whatever else comes to mind. I hope you enjoy.

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