Gold vs Gold Filled vs Gold Plated: A Guide To DE LA JIPI Jewels Part 1

DE LA JIPI Apothecary & Botánica features a wide array of healing crystal jewelry (amongst other things). For the most part, our jewelry collection is made using gold filled and brass components. But what does this mean? Will the jewelry change color? How long will it last? Is it worth it?

All questions that we understand that you may have, so let’s get you that answer.

Solid Gold jewelry is made using the truest form of gold, consisting of gold inside and out.

What is gold filled?
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Gold filled jewelry consists of 2-3 layers of solid gold with other metals at the core such as silver or other base metals.

What is gold plating?
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Gold plated jewelry is a very light layer of gold – 0.05% actual gold or less – on top of a base metal. This base material is typically of cheaper quality.

What does this all mean?

On Tarnishing

Because of the light layer of gold placed on gold plated jewelry, this makes it the easiest to tarnish.  With just a bit of wear, the gold layer can easily strip thus exposing the base metals and causing the overall look of your jewelry pieces to quickly fade.

Gold filled jewelry, on the other hand,  is hypoallergenic and will only tarnish under unique circumstances and/or with continuous and unintentional wear. When treated with care, gold filled pieces can last a lifetime.

Solid gold pieces rarely tarnish (if at all).

On Skin Sensitivity

Because gold plated jewels wear easier (and exposes the base metals), they may not be the best option for those with skin sensitivity.

In addition, the base metals and materials may be of cheaper quality that can trigger an allergic reaction in your skin, causing oxidation and irritation.

For these reasons, gold filled jewelry is the better option as you won’t need to worry about any allergic reactions.

And of course the best option would be solid gold!

On Durability

Gold filled jewelry is more resistant to wear and tear than gold plated items.

However, the overall longevity of both is dependent on the environment, quality of the jewelry, and exposure to wear.

As long as gold filled pieces are well cared for, they can last a lifetime. Gold plated pieces can last up to a year if  intentionally cared for and kept away from water, excessive oils, consistent wear, and heat.

So is gold filled jewelry worth it?

The answer is yes!

If you’re looking for durability, have sensitive skin and desire to keep your jewels for a long time, then gold filled is the way to go.

Now this is not to down play gold plated jewelry, which is good for those pieces that you bring out every “once in a while” or if you need something “quick and cute”.

However, Gold filled jewelry, is best used where durability and return on investment are top priorities. It makes for great gifts and is also an excellent choice for classic pieces that you can wear daily or for novelty pieces that you can have be apart of your jewelry collection fo’evahh!

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