I am Sandra Bland



A person that knows their rights.

A person who is strong minded about the rights for people of color.


A woman.

A black woman.

I am Sandra Bland. I am a fierce, outspoken, black woman that is strong minded about the rights for people of color and knows her rights.

Her story could have been my story is my story.

What’s crazy to me is the story that is being made up about this woman, her arrest and her untimely death.

What disgusts me most is how they are describing Sandra.

“She should have listened to the officer.”
“The autopsy found weed in her system.”
“She was defiant.”
“If she was my daughter, I would be embarrassed by the way she acted”
“She tried to commit suicide last year .. because she miscarried.”

But let me take it back just a few steps. What I don’t understand is that a white man can

a) Kill multiple children in a school
b) Shoot up an entire movie theater
c) sit down with a group of black people for an hour, almost not kill them because “they were so nice” then shoot them execution style
d) I can’t think of anything else right now but I KNOW there’s 389745837032975 examples

and can be deemed “insane” during the time of the incident and have people be sympathetic to their actions. “Little Johnny had a bad home life” “It wasn’t little Johnny’s fault” “Little Johnny was such a nice kid”.

HOWEVER, when the VICTIM is a black person they are constantly trying to find reasons that their death is justified. “Well, little Trayvon shouldn’t have worn the hoodie” “Big Mike … well he shouldn’t have been out that night” “Sandra Bland should’ve listened to the cop”

As if these are justifiable reasons why another one of my people should end up dead.

But that is a whole other post, discussion, topic, problem.

So Fast Forward.
SO WHAT SANDRA had weed in her system. Does that mean this case isn’t sufficient enough to do an in depth investigation although we know nothing will be done to these officers (which is apart of the problem).
So what she tried to commit suicide last year after suffering something heartbreaking like losing your child -____-.
Fact of the matter is the circumstances under which “she committed suicide” just DOES NOT add up.

Then there’s the speculations about what really happened that quite frankly make more sense then the statement made by the police.

If you don’t know what the statement was – they stated that Sandra Bland committed suicide using a trash bag from the cell. They also said that they found her around 9 am

Now here’s comments from some people


Now here’s where I REALLY started to think

Interesting right?

This picture also intrigued me. Especially as people began to explain it more. So I did just as the woman in the picture did. I laid on the floor and noticed how my shoulders instantly moved up. Then I stood up in front of the mirror and noticed how (as straight as I tired to put my shoulders) it still slanted downwards. And I was completely baffled. As I continued to read these posts coupled with my knowledge of the situation, I began to get infuriated. This could have been me, my mother, one of my friends. This could be my future daughter.

It’s sickening. It’s frustrating. But this is the world we live in. It won’t end.

Until we really start fighting for the respect we deserve.


So I’ll end this with saying Sandra Bland (among with all my brothers and sisters who lost their lives due to ignorance and hatred) are in my heart. I will fight for you. For myself. For my brothers. My future children. For our people.
You will be remembered.

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